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    British or American – Which English Should You Pick For IELTS Exam

    When you decide to take up the IELTS test to prove your hold over the English language as a non-native speaker, understand that many factors should be assessed closely to win over the exam. One such crucial aspect is choosing the exam language medium. IELTS accepts both British and American English. Both colour and color are correct in the exam. But, which one should you pick? If that’s the question bothering you for long, let’s help you out. Understand The Differences Even though UK and US English are two types of one language, there are considerable differences in their spelling, pronunciation, and grammatical rule level. So, don’t consider that they…

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    IELTS Exam – The Hardest and Simplest Areas you Must Master

    Have you thought of studying abroad? For this, you need to crack the IELTS exam! If you haven’t started your preparation yet, you should do this because IELTS consists of four parts such as listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Are you wondering about the most difficult and easiest part of the IELTS exam? As per the surveys on IELTS modules, the writing section is considered the most challenging module of this exam. The scores in this section are highly uncertain. Therefore, this article gives you insightful information about the easiest and toughest sections of IELTS. Let’s get straight to it. What’s the most scoring part of IELTS? The highest IELTS…

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    IELTS Band Score & Marking Criteria: A Quick Guide for You

    You can fulfill your dream of studying overseas after qualifying for IELTS. It’s a widely accepted English language proficiency test when you want to migrate to foreign countries. Therefore, the IELTS score is widely accepted by various companies and institutes globally. A top-notch IELTS band score is the key to getting admission to your favorite university and availing the world of opportunities. So, are you willing to know how to calculate the IELTS band score and marking criteria? This blog targets to showcase to you the methods for IELTS score calculation. Let’s get started. How are the IELTS band scores calculated? 0-9 band score is considered the lowest and highest…

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    CD-IELTS Vs Paper-Based: Learn Everything about How These are Different?

    IELTS, aka The International English Language Testing System, started its computer-based exam in 2017; and it was Australia that came up with CD-IELTS. Now, you must know that you can opt for taking IELTS on a PC or paper for both the Academic tests and General Training. So, there has been a common argument about the difference between CD-IELTS and paper-based IELTS. However, the CD-IELTS content is similar to the paper-based IELTS. The sole difference is you need to write answers on paper instead of typing on the PC, and there are a few major differences in the test order and environment. So, if you’ve been looking for the core…

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    How Crucial is having a Rich Vocabulary for Passing Each Section in the IELTS Exam?

    Students often wonder, ‘Why is it vital to have robust vocabulary knowledge for the IELTS exam?’ As IELTS is an English Language Proficiency Exam, a massive focus needs to be given to vocabulary to assess the entire score of a candidate. This exam consists of 4 sections: speaking, reading, writing, and listening, where one thing is common in every area, ‘vocabulary.’ So, in today’s article, let’s know the significance of vocabulary and how it plays a major role in IELTS. Why is vocabulary vital for IELTS? In terms of the writing and speaking section, having enriched vocabulary is a must-have skill if you don’t know. The leading reason you must…

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    Learn Everything about Punctuation in IELTS here

    Using punctuation appropriately makes all sense; otherwise, you end up creating a meaningless sentence. Furthermore, you must know that it drastically affects your IELTS score. IELTS writing is one of the best ways of communicating your thoughts on a given topic. If you are poor in using the proper punctuation, the message can’t be conveyed to the examiners. Undoubtedly, the IELTS examiners want proper punctuation usage in your write-up. Therefore, this guide walks you through the different punctuation usage for the IELTS test preparation. Let’s get started. What are the best factors deciding your IELTS score? Countless factors play a vital role in deciding your score in the IELTS writing…