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Read This Before You Think of Re-evaluation and Retaking of PTE Exam

Things don’t fall as we suppose them to be. Even if you’ve burned the midnight oil and given your blood and sweat, your PTE exam score can be lower than expected.

PTE is a computer-based English competency exam. Both the exam conduction and evaluation are done using computers. This is why error possibilities are very less. But, an error is both human and machine. So, if you’ve got a gut feeling that your score isn’t justifying the efforts and performance, don’t hesitate. Go for a re-evaluation and rescore.

Gladly, PTE has a very friendly approach on this front. Here is what you need to know about your PTE exam re-evaluation and retake possibilities.

Exam Score Review Policy

PTE allows the examinee to ask for a score review for the speaking section and open-ended written questions. Detailed performance feedback will be offered that will help you understand the performance and relevant score. For other sections, no score review facility is offered.

While you go for score review, understand that:

  • The final score will not change unless you go with rescoring
  • You need to pay to avail of this service
  • If the score review results in the previous score, there won’t be any refund
  • The score review appeal should be made within 15 business days of the result declaration

Exam Rescore Policy

If you’re unhappy with your final PTE exam score, you can go with an exam rescore or revaluation. Before going for this service, you must know that;

  • PTE has staunch faith in its scoring system and declares openly that it’s very unlikely that you find any flaws.
  • Only speaking and open-ended written questions are eligible for re-evaluation.
  • If the score changes, goes up or down, the rescoring fee will be refunded.
  • Only one rescoring request per test will be entertained.
  • You can’t request for re-evaluation or score review if you’ve scheduled another test.
  • You should process for score review using a phone and within 14 calendar days of the result announcement.

Exam Retake Policy

If you’re confirmed that your performance is not at par, after a score review or score re-evaluation facility, it’s time to retake the exam. Things to keep in mind while going for an exam retake are:

  • Exam retake is possible after 5 days for score release
  • Only one retake is possible at a time
  • Six months’ advanced booking is available

Reduce The Hassles With the PTE Mock Test

As mentioned above, PTE has full faith in its scoring system, and it openly claims that errors are very rare. Most likely, the score you get is the right assessment of your performance. If you want to score big on your first attempt, the only way out is to refer to the PTE mock test as much as possible.

Mock exams are memory-based practice designed as per the actual exam format. The question type and exam format are similar to the real PTE exam. Hence, PTE aspirants get very reliable exam preparation material.

With PTE practice, you have the chance to:

  • Assess your current English competency and design an exam preparation strategy
  • Find out the loopholes in your practice and work upon them before the D-day
  • Know how to manage your time throughout the test
  • Get familiar with exam patterns before the exam day

All these things contribute heavily towards score improvement and ensure that you give your best in the exam.

Final Say

It breaks the heart to see an exam score lower than your expectations. Even though PTE offers score re-evaluation and exam retake policy, it’s very unlikely that you have a wrong performance judgment. So, it’s better not to reach that stage. You can improve your PTE exam preparation with PTE mock tests. They are the best way to bring the best out of you and increase the possibility of scoring big.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long should I wait before retaking the PTE Exam?

It is recommended to wait at least 5 days before retaking the PTE Exam to allow for adequate preparation and reflection on previous performance.

Can I request a review of specific sections of the PTE Exam?

Only the speaking section and open-ended written questions are eligible for score review in the PTE exam. No score review facility is offered for other sections.

Will my previous scores be affected if I choose to retake the PTE Exam?

No, your previous scores will not be affected. Only the most recent scores will be considered.

What happens if there is a discrepancy between my original score and the re-evaluated score?

Pearson may issue a refund for the re-evaluation fee and provide a new score report if a significant discrepancy is found.

How many times can I retake the PTE Exam?

There is no limit to how many times you can retake the PTE Exam. You can schedule a retake as soon as 5 days after your previous attempt.

What is the success rate of a PTE rescoring?

However, exact statistics for PTE rescore success rates aren’t available. But typically, the probability of score enhancement is quite low. Pearson PTE advises against requesting rescores due to the rarity of significant score increases upon re-evaluation.

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