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How to Book, Cancel, or Reschedule Your PTE Academic Test: Follow this Easy Guide

Pearson Academic Test or PTE allows you to study or migrate abroad when planning to study internationally. This is the most secured, rapid, and powered by artificial intelligence to curtail human bias.

The booking, cancelation, and rescheduling of this PTE Academic Test is pretty hassle-free. The candidates must book PTE academic slots as per their geographical location and availability on the day. However, without delay, let’s check out how to do all this stuff without facing issues!

You need to create a Pearson account on the PTE website to do all these. Let’s tell you about the process.

Book your PTE Academic Exam

The aspirants can pick up their favorite locations from the PTE website. At PTE Academic, thousands of test centers worldwide are available. Therefore, there may be a nearby test center in the vicinity of your location. This is how you can book PTE Academic test in your area:

  • Visit
  • Choose your preferred country from the drop-down option. It’s the foremost thing you can see after you land on the PTE site.
  • Pick your goals, such as if you want to study, work, join a family, or want to settle there.
  • Hit the “Book PTE Academic” section.

You can search for a particular test center and, from here, book an appointment.

  • Opt for the test center nearest to you and hit the “next” option.
  • Choose your preferred time and date of your examination. You will be told to go to your my PTE account or create one here.
  • Create your profile in case you don’t have one. Also, you will be asked to read the ID policy that covers what types of IDs are granted to carry with you to the exam.
  • Now, carefully assess your booking details and hit the submit button.

Once the booking is done, a summary will be sent to you through the mail.

How to Cancel Your PTE Academic Exam Slot?

It’s possible to cancel the PTE Academic slot in the following way:

  • Phone and chat
    The best-in-class way is to cancel your exam slot online unless you have to cancel because of some medical causes. Contact the PTE customer service in case you want to cancel the booking for a medical reason.They might ask you to offer supporting evidence to your medical claim. However, this cancellation acceptance will be PTE’s sole choice. However, cancellation because of medical reasons may lead to a complete refund.
  • Online
    All you have to do is log into your myPTE account with a username and password. After that, hit the dashboard option and search for PTE Academic exam, where you will see the “cancel” option besides the exam. Now, hit the cancel button and confirm it.

Is PTE Exam Cancelation free of charges?

The answer to this question solely depends on the time you cancel:

  • You can get a complete refund when you cancel it before 14 days of the test date.
  • 50% fees will be deducted if you cancel at least 7 calendar days.
  • No refunds will be given to you upon cancellation of fewer than 7 days.

How to Reschedule the PTE Exam?

We have been there when we found ourselves in a situation where we had to delay an exam for some reason. Therefore, in terms of PTE, it’s possible to reschedule or cancel that appointment online or contact customer service via offline hours. It implies that all your months of your PTE Academic preparation will never go in vain.

Rescheduling your PTE Academic Exam

Rescheduling implies you’re willing to change the date or location of the PTE exam. For this, you can:

  • Pay nothing in case you reschedule the exam before 14 calendar days.
  • Pay half of the fee amount to reschedule your exam within 13 and 18 days.
  • Pay new test fees when the rescheduling takes place in less than 7 days.

Rescheduling your exam to a nearby test center

You have to log into your myPTE account and reschedule the exam at zero cost before the scheduled date for the temporary test location. It must be 90 days prior to the initial date of the PTE test. You have to contact customer services without being worried, and you will never be charged additional fees.

You will never lose any exam fee in case the preferred test center is not available right now. All you have to do is to wait until the center reopens, or you can request a full refund.


To know the tips and tricks for acing the PTE Academic test, you have to do a free scored PTE full-length mock test and practice real materials on this platform. Hopefully, this article provides all the necessary information you have longed for months.

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