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    Get Band 7 or Higher in IELTS Speaking – Here are a Few Proven Tips

    IELTS speaking section is one of the most intimidating prospects among the aspirants. While having faith in your preparation, you can easily ace this exam. You want to learn everything about the IELTS speaking test, from the essential tips for boosting the score to scoring criteria to know the examiner’s requirements in the IELTS speaking. Despite your hardcore preparation in IELTS, your confidence plays a significant role in luring the examiner. Therefore, you require premium and professional tips and techniques to achieve band seven or higher. Are you ready to improve your IELTS speaking skills right now? Let’s see the top tips for a higher IELTS score in the speaking…

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    Complete Guide to IELTS Speaking

    When you want to study overseas, you have to pass the IELTS proficiency test in order to get admitted to your preferred international college. Therefore, speaking and listening are the two significant parts of the IELTS examination, where speaking takes only 11-15 minutes. As this guide is all about IELTS speaking, we will discuss the nitty-gritty of this exam. Therefore, this precious guide to IELTS speaking covers the challenging part of this examination, the major pointers to follow for hassle-free speaking, and others. So, let’s get started. What is IELTS Speaking about? IELTS speaking is an informal and face-to-face discussion with an IELTS interviewer, similar to both general training and…