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List of Super-Usual IELTS Mistakes – 7 Things You MUST Avoid

Are you ready to study overseas? IELTS will be beneficial and allow you to study at your preferred university. It’s well-known that International English Language Testing System Test, aka IELTS, requires a high band score.

You will receive a lower score if you make common mistakes during this test. Nobody wants that, right? Although errors are pretty common in exams, in terms of IELTS, your points are precious. By acquiring a minimized score, you might lose the chances of studying at foreign universities.

Preparing for the IELTS exam is difficult and stressful as the four sections include reading, writing, speaking, and listening. You must eradicate these 7 most common IELTS mistakes to ace every section. Let’s get started.

Mistake #1: Improper Time management

The biggest mistake to avoid is improper time management, and it’s commonly too made by aspirants. It could be cumbersome to finish the test within a specific time span. Therefore, proper time management skills are vital while preparing for the IELTS exam. Nobody wants to spend an enormous amount of time on one question and little time on the subsequent questions.

Mistake #2: Concentrate excessively on the IELTS Trivia

Sometimes students are confused about whether they can write T/F instead of True/False. Also, they have various things to stress, such as how many examiners will assess the IELTS writing test and if the examiners will listen to their recording again after they leave the room.

These are the most non-important questions. Hence, it would be best if you weren’t fretting over the trivia. It will never take spare time if you write the complete words.

Are you one of those students worrying about such trivia questions? You need to rectify this mistake and focus maximum on improving your grammar and boosting your reading and listening ability.

Mistake #3: Lack of transition

This is also one of the common IELTS mistakes made by students. Transitions make conversations flow and sentences smooth. Moreover, the transition words guide the listener and reader to fathom your notion and make a firm connection between your previously written sentences.

But the lack of transition will never give the examiner clarity about what you’re saying, and they will never understand if there will be any gap between your sentences. That’s why you must avoid this mistake, which will contribute maximum points to your IELTS.

Mistake #4: Not learning the band descriptors in IELTS Speaking and Writing

Are you unsure if or not to trust someone telling you about the IELTS Test? The easiest way to clear all the misconceptions is by checking thoroughly. Ask yourself if it’s in the band descriptors.

If yes, it’s beyond doubt genuine, and that’s all the details you require. Therefore, you must not waste your time without learning the band descriptors in IELTS speaking and writing. It would be a colossal mistake, indeed!

Mistake #5: Blank answers

Another worth considering mistake would be leaving any questions as you’re unsure about them. Avoid this mistake by writing something in contrast to nothing. Simple guesswork may give you a part mark instead of not answering the question!

You won’t lose any marks for trying if the answer gets wrong. In brief, nobody knows your guesswork might be correct, and you acquire marks!

Mistake #6: Not polishing up your pronunciation enough

Students often waste excessive time brushing up their vocabulary and grammar without working on their wrong pronunciation. It’s a significant mistake, which you should avoid! Polishing your grammar and vocabulary is excellent, but what’s the point if nobody understands what you are saying!

You might have excellent ideas, but nobody will ever read the content if the handwriting is dirty. Similar things happen when a student’s pronunciation isn’t that great, like other proficiencies.

Mistake #7: Lack of focus

In terms of listening and speaking, the focus is necessary! It would be best to give your unflagging attention while enrolling for the test. Besides, it’s the most common IELTS mistake, and it can be avoidable. You need to understand everything being talked about before responding to something.

Also, never try to recall the questions and answers whenever you’re preparing yourself for the IELTS exam. Memorizing often leads to fewer points. Instead of diverting your focus, you can focus solely on absorbing what’s being interacted with and providing transparent details.


Now you’re well-acquainted with the common mistakes of the IELTS exam, and you won’t repeat the mistakes over and over again! Start your study abroad journey with Gurully and acquire the highest IELTS scores with determination and perseverance.

Hopefully, you like this article, so make sure to follow our advice when you go for IELTS. Also, you may try out our platform and comment on your concerns below.

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