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    PTE Academic Test is Shorter Now! What’s there in it to Know for you?

    Attempting the PTE exam and turning your dream into reality is on your 2021 bucket list then hold your thoughts for a second and listen to what we’re saying next. Recently, Pearson, the exam conducting authority, has made certain changes in the PTE Academic exam. Knowing these changes is crucial for you as it will help you have a viable exam strategy and increase the success odds. In this post, we have summed up these changes so that you don’t have to do the hard work. Changing For Good Pearson claims to make the PTE Academic exam is an hour shorter and more personalized from November 16, 2021, onwards. This…

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    The Best Way to Score 8 bands in IELTS Exam – Tested Method by Gurully.com

    For anyone appearing in IELTS Exam, scoring 8 bands is a dream come true or a milestone one would like to realize. But it is something that comes with a lot of consistent practice and constantly upgrading one’s skills. Before we discuss any further on how to get 8 bands in IELTS Exam, let us understand what it is. What does ‘8 bands in IELTS Exam’ mean? When referring to 8 bands in the IELTS exam, we are discussing the score in the prestigious examination. Some of the best schools around the globe expect you to have a score of 7 but getting a score of 8 will give you…

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    Time Management for your CD IELTS Exam – Tips for All Sections

    An IELTS Exam is as much about time management as it is about English. So if you keep working on becoming proficient in English as a language but fail to manage time, you will fail miserably. Anyone preparing for the prestigious examination will know that it lasts for 2 hours and 45 minutes and it is not an easy task to time your mental and physical self to for the said duration. But remember, we are saying ‘it is not easy’ and not, ‘it is not possible!’ Best Tips for Time Management in CD IELTS Exam With consistent practice and a lot of hard work, one can get the desired…

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    IELTS Exam Success: 5 Proven Preparation Methods for Assured Victory

    If you are looking for a successful career in a foreign land, it becomes possible with the IELTS exam or International English Language Testing System, a test that will only check your proficiency in English as a language. It might be easy for some but for non-native speakers, it is often a hard nut to crack. Either way, if English as a language makes you uncomfortable and you are looking for some genuine guidance to ace the scores in your IELTS Test, we have got you some help. 5 Tips and Techniques to crack the IELTS exam successfully Here are some very common, general yet useful tips that will help…

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    Deducing How PTE Exam Setup Utilizes Artificial Intelligence

    Are you one of those PTE aspirants willing to reach the coveted scores? So, you have to evaluate the PTE’s actual algorithm. Innumerable perceptions are there regarding such PTE’s Artificial Intelligence. Every contender hustle about achieving the most wanted scores. Truth is, they can reach the target scores by proactively understanding the PTE’s algorithm. But, how could you know all the possible information on PTE’s AI? This article has all the answers to your problems! Are you curious to take a brief look at PTE’s algorithm? Read the article to get a logical understanding of PTE’s algorithm. Brief information about PTE’s Artificial Intelligence On any specifically listed PTE website like…

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    How Gurully Mock Tests Works: Way to Avail Free PTE Mock Test and More

    One can’t agree more that acing in the PTE test is possible by having an in-depth understanding of subject matter, attention to detail, and the ability to match the running clock. Time and again, mock tests have proved themselves to help a PTE aspirant to seize all these success-driven factors. And mock tests of Gurully are leading this front. In this post, we’ll help you understand how these mock tests work. So, let’s get started. Registration is the first step Before one starts honing English competency and gaining confidence to score amazingly in the PTE test, using the Gurully mock tests, one has to complete the registration process. It is…