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    How Gurully Mock Tests Works: Way to Avail Free PTE Mock Test and More

    One can’t agree more that acing in the PTE test is possible by having an in-depth understanding of subject matter, attention to detail, and the ability to match the running clock. Time and again, mock tests have proved themselves to help a PTE aspirant to seize all these success-driven factors. And mock tests of Gurully are leading this front. In this post, we’ll help you understand how these mock tests work. So, let’s get started. Registration is the first step Before one starts honing English competency and gaining confidence to score amazingly in the PTE test, using the Gurully mock tests, one has to complete the registration process. It is…

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    Is the PTE Academic Score Accepted by Canadian Colleges and Universities?

    Wondering whether or not PTE will help to fetch a seat in your dream Canadian university or college? We have the answer. PTE or Pearson Test of English is one of the most established ways to earn global exposure. Those who have a dream to get graduated from an overseas university or college of repute must consider PTE for goal fulfillment. If you are aiming at a top-notch Canadian university or college then it’s time to rejoice as PTE is accepted by 90% of Canadian universities and colleges. Yes, you read it right. PTE is considered as a viable admission criteria by a range of educational institutes in Canada. This…

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    Tips to Improve PTE Speaking Describe Image Score

    PTE exam is easy to crack if you have the right techniques and template to tackle each question type. The scoring algorithm will check your vocabulary, language skills, pronunciation, and oral fluency. Once such a question type, which needs you to prepare well before the PTE exam in PTE describe the image. In this article, we would be explaining everything about PTE Describe Image Section. Number of questions – 5 to 6 Negative marketing – No Time to answer per question – Around 30-40 seconds Preparation time: 25 Seconds Type of images in PTE exam – In this section, the test taker has to describe a variety of images including Pie-charts, Bar graphs, Maps,…

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    5 Reasons to opt for Online PTE Coaching – Which Save Time and Money

    When it comes to preparing for the very popular PTE Academic, there are a few candidates who dread the thought of preparing English–a language that has been mostly foreign to them. And then there are others who dread the thought of working on a computer. Are you any of these? What if we tell you that we have a common answer for both of your problems? Get to an A-class online coaching for your PTE-A preparation. Having online coaching for PTE-A preparation does not just save time and money. It has several other benefits. A computer-based test Since PTE Academic is a computerized test, it makes more sense to practice…

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    6 Things you MUST not do while Learning the English Language

    If you are in the process of learning the English Language, we are sure you must have got umpteen numbers of suggestions and tips to learn the language faster and competently. But what learners are often not told is what they must avoid when learning the English Language. So here, we tell you some of the things you must avoid if you want to speed up the process of learning the English Language. What all you MUST not do while learning the English Language? Do not limit the learning only to your classroom  The first thing that you need to stop doing immediately is to limit the learning only to…

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    Why is PTE Coaching Necessary for PTE Aspirants?

    As a PTE aspirant, you will notice that there is a lot of help and guidance available online not just to crack the examination but to excel in it. But if you ask us if PTE coaching is necessary before you appear for the exam, we will say a yes, hands down!! We agree that there is a wide variety of videos, materials, and messages by mentors that are easily available online, but we have our own reasons when we suggest the aspirants take up the PTE coaching before the exam. Here are some of the clear advantages of joining PTE coaching: Benefits of joining PTE coaching Expert guidance  The…