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Gurully is dedicted to provide best practice material for PTE with the ease of access in attempting PTE mock tests and practice tests. Also, it is mapped out keeping in mind the needs of a student, which guarantees the best results.

PTE Practice platform
Powerful PTE practice Platform to answer any question

Powerful PTE practice Platform to answer any question

The PTE platform is built by analysing the needs of the students and institutes.

How you can use the material?

See how PTE mock test and practice test can be utilized.

PTE Full-length Mock Test

PTE Full-length Mock Test

The online PTE mock test provides you the advantage when you appear for the PTE exam. The mock test is set with 71 questions to combine with Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening.

PTE Section-wise Test

PTE Section-wise Test

This scored PTE Section-wise test will help you to gauge your performance. The scoring in the online PTE Section-wise test gives you an in-depth analysis of each question type and the areas to improve.

Question-wise practice

Question-wise practice

The question bank is updated with the latest prediction file repeated questions to overcome the fear of real-exam on monthly basis.

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See your results and reports for improvements.

AI-generated instant result

The AI-generated instant result for your PTE mock test will give you extra time for the preparation.

sample answer

Verify and prepare with the model answers to achieve your targeted score for the real exam. The sample answer will help you to highlight your mistakes in PTE mock test.

AI-generated analysis report

Our AI-generated analysis report will provide you the areas of improvement based on the targeted score set by you for the real exam.


Try to develop a template and mug it up. You oral fluency is more important than content in describe image so focus on maintaining proper oral fluency to crack DI.

Try to read academic news articles loudly with full confidence on a regular basis. Don't hesitate or pause at any unfamiliar word, just continue to speak fluently.

Use discourse markers and cohesive devices like moreover, however, furthermore, etc to increase your written discourse score.

Get used to variety of English accents by listening to podcasts daily. And try to understand the sentence instead of memorising words.

Try to limit summary in just 30-40 words to make a meaningful single sentence. Avoid all the secondary ideas and examples.

Listen to TedTalks Daily from Youtube or Podcast and while listening note down all the key points and try to re-tell them using a proper template.

Improve grammar and vocabulary knowledge before attempting reading section and majorly focus on Reading and Writing blanks as it contributes the most to your reading and writing scores.

Use some application with speech-to-text feature and read loudly. In this manner you can identify your pronunciation mistakes and then rectify it with the help of google.

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