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Avoid These Top 10 IELTS Myths and Rumors to Score Better

The human propensity is to fall prey to mischievous information or rumors without examining the real scenario. Every day, we come across thousands of details from our colleagues, friends, or relatives which might not have any strong evidence to be real.

Likewise, the popular things getting twisted in this world, which we might have taken for granted, the IELTS exam is also surrounded by numerous myths and rumors. These IELTS myths get brutally affected by the aspirants, which might hamper their IELTS preparation and score.

So, why not dispel them as soon as possible. How? Well, here is our list of 10 IELTS myths. Use it as a reference and get started.

Myth #1: Only fluent English can get you 8 bands

This is just a myth! The candidates with superior English proficiency don’t derive it instinctively; rather, they work hard to obtain that fluency. They learn new vocabulary, practice, watch English shows and movies, get a certification, and whopping things!

Have you targeted 8 bands in the IELTS test? You can definitely achieve that if you have got the zest for learning new things. All you need is to get started with the fundamentals and move towards a professional level.

Myth #2: You don’t require an IELTS coaching

Are you sure you can crack the IELTS exam without enrolling yourself in a coaching center? You might scour the internet and download thousands of PDFs, books, and relevant study materials. But it would be better to choose IELTS coaching since there are innumerable things you might not understand well.

Myth #3: If you pick your home country for IELTS, you might acquire a better score

This is the most widespread myth which you might have come across! You should know that irrespective of your chosen location, the difficulty level of IELTS will be similar. All you have to be sure about is where you will feel the most credence sitting for the exam.

Myth #4: Speak in an American or British accent in the IELTS exam will be beneficial

This is the baseless IELTS rumor that has gotten the most attention. Therefore, students often try to imitate the accent during their speaking tests. But you should know that you need to speak in your normal accent; no exaggeration is required.

Myth #5: You must keep practicing the sample IELTS questions only

Practicing the IELTS test materials will undoubtedly be helpful. But you must know that it’s not sufficient to get you an 8 band! A top-notch score in IELTS requires reading eminent English journals, writing English blogs, watching movies or series, and reading English newspapers daily. In brief, self-study is vital, excluding what you learn from an IELTS coaching center.

Myth #6: IELTS is more difficult to crack than other English proficiency tests

Various education employers, institutions, and professional registration authorities accept IELTS as a fair and high-quality examination. The IELTS test is taken worldwide at over 1100 test locations in 140 countries. The American and British spellings are granted here, and the test-takers will fairly judge you. Therefore, it’s just a myth!

Myth #7: Be nimble, speak faster, and make them laugh

You have to speak at a normal speed during your IELTS speaking, which should not be too slow or rapid. The interviewer must be capable of precisely listening to every word coming out of your mouth. Therefore, you must not rush, and speaking smaller and fewer sentences will be fine as soon as those are audible and transparent.

Myth #8: You can cross your word limit

You must focus on the quality of the write-up instead of quantity. Writing lengthy things pages after pages will never fascinate the examiner. But you have to concentrate on your writing and whether the quality is up to the mark.

Myth #9: The IELTS exam is a trick

It’s a challenging exam and not any trick! You have to be assiduous to achieve a high band score in IELTS. So, start preparing for the fundamental skills, for example, vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and assess yourself daily with IELTS practice tests.

Myth #10: The scoring pattern varies between IELTS examination centers

Likewise, the exam pattern is identical throughout the nations and centers; the scoring patterns are similar, too. The test takers are gauged on the same page while scoring this “highly analytical-to-the-forthcoming-of-the-examiner” test.


That’s all! Have faith in your preparation and ensure you’re dealing with accredited IELTS coaches like Gurully. We prepare quality mock test materials for the students and keep all myths at bay so that you can devote your full time preparing for this exam.

Hopefully, this article eliminates all your doubts and restrains you from getting into the trap. Contact us right away if you need any help regarding IELTS coaching from Gurully.

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