How to Get a Perfect Overall Score in The CD IELTS Exam? [Updated]

International English Language Testing System or IELTS, the very popular English exam conducted to certify the English speaking skills of a candidate, can now be taken at the pace of your home. The prevailing pandemic crisis caused a major setback for the students as physical centers conducting the exam were temporarily shut. They need to practice social distancing further forced students to travel to places where physical examinations were still an option.

Considering the above, the best way to host the examination was to migrate the physical infrastructure to an online platform. This is what we call as CD IELTS. Even though this isn’t a new concept and has been the preferred mode of examination in some countries, it is only known that it has gained tremendous attention.

While the solution has given the ease to conduct exams so that aspiring candidates need not worry about it, it has raised a few red flags. This means that students are now skeptical of how to get the perfect score in CD IELTS. In case you are one of them, this article will be of help. We have outlined everything you need to know to crack the exam and get the best score.

Is there a difference between the paper-based and the CD IELTS exam?

Different people will have different opinions. However, if you go by what the experts have to say, both exams are the same with a couple of differences. Where the paper-based examination is conducted physically, and the answers must be added to a paper, a computer-delivered IELTS test involves a computer acting as the answer sheet. All of the answers have to be uploaded on the test screen.

Talking about the test duration, the paper-based examination gives a 10-minute window for the candidate to transfer their answers from the question paper to the answer sheet for the listening part. On the flip side, when you are giving a computer-delivered exam, the answers need to be entered directly into the screen, and only a two-minute time is given to recheck the answers.

Apart from the above, both examinations are the same.

How to score the best marks in the IELTS exam?

Having said the above, the next question that comes to mind is how can you ace the test or grab the perfect score?

To excel in the examination, all you need to do is understand the exam format and practice the same as many times possible. But is that enough?

Here we outline a few tips that will help you get the best score:

    1.  Listening Exam tests your ability to understand what is being said and make meaning from the same. To get accustomed to the accent and fluency,
      1. Watch movies, online films, radio programs, podcasts, news, lectures, etc.
      2. Make sure you practice all types of questions that come in the listening section.
      3. When giving the exam, pay attention to each line that is being said. Before playing the audio, read the question thoroughly to avoid missing out on the important parts.
        This practice will accustom your ears to different accents and speaking styles.
    2. Reading: Verifying whether the candidate can read properly and understand what a verse is all about. There are thousands of resources to prepare for reading and ace the exam
      1. Read newspapers, blogs, articles, news, books, etc.
      2. Try and test whether you can make out the meaning of a word from the sentence. Remembering the meaning for all is tough, hence if you know how to deduce the meaning from the sentence, you are on the better side.
      3. Develop skimming and scanning techniques to grasp the main idea quickly and locate specific information in the reading passages.
    3. Writing: Check the grammar, vocabulary, etc of the candidate
      1. Practice as many papers as possible.
      2. Understand how the test is conducted for general and academic and prepare likewise.
      3. Find model essays, images, graphs, and other details online to understand better.
      4. Analyze everything in terms of vocabulary and grammar.
    4. Speaking: Test whether the candidate can speak well and as per the standards of the country
      1. Read more and try talking with others in English.
      2. Practice speaking as much as possible.
      3. Don’t panic when you are in front of the examiner. Keep calm and give your best.

    The Online IELTS mock test:

    Lastly, in your preparation, do add the online IELTS mock test for practice purposes. The free online IELTS mock test gives you an idea of the mistakes you must avoid during the exam. Additionally, it will give you the best time-management practice for the real IELTS exam. So, an online free IELTS mock test gives you a real-time environment to get used to the actual exam. The time-bound exam, conducted during the IELTS exam, is replicated at to help you avoid any last-moment surprises during the real test.


    Obtaining a perfect overall score in the CD IELTS exam requires dedication, practice, and a well-rounded approach to language learning. Knowing what the exam is and the pattern, what you need to do now is to start preparing for the same. Begin with improving your vocabulary and learning new words, etymology, and usage in the sentence. Next, improve your understanding skills by reading more. Likewise, you must have excellent listening skills. Switch to audiobooks, podcasts, English web series, etc, to get the idea and accustom yourself to the accent. Make sure you practice all of the above. There are several organizations and resources available over the Internet. Ample study material is present, and all you should do is practice more and more.

  1. FAQs

    Q: Is a perfect score necessary for the CD IELTS exam?
    A: While a perfect score is impressive, achieving a high score that meets your study or immigration requirements is more important.

    Q: Can I use headphones during the Listening section of the CD IELTS exam?
    A: Yes, you will be provided with headphones to listen to the audio passages.

    Q: How long is the CD IELTS exam valid for?
    A: The CD IELTS exam score is valid for two years from the test date.

    Q: Can I retake the CD IELTS exam if I am unsatisfied with my score?
    A: Yes, you can retake the exam, but make sure to prepare thoroughly before attempting it again.


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