Prepare for IELTS at home with these Foolproof Tips

Are you longing to study overseas? The IELTS exam evaluates a candidate’s competencies in four significant aspects of the English language, such as Speaking, Reading, Listening, and Writing. The specific universities will demand a top-notch IELTS score as an admission criterion.

Before taking the test, you must be prepared to acquire a superior score and impede failure. So, what’s necessary to escalate your endeavour to prepare for the IELTS exam at home? Let’s get started!

5 Tips to Study for IELTS Efficiently at Home

Maybe your online IELTS coaching stopped for some reason, or you’ve decided to get ready for IELTS at home; no matter the reason for IELTS preparation at home, this article will give you the top 5 tips.

  1. Improve your English vocabulary
    One of the most advantageous criteria is instantaneously improving your vocabulary for a great score. Choose any magazine or newspaper of your choice, and read it with all the attention to those unknown words.It will aid you in improving your vocabulary skills, and you must write those words down somewhere. Moreover, the more you face intricate terms, the more you will know the significance and meaning. Always remember to learn advanced vocabulary, including a few tricky words.
  2. Examine yourself with practice questions
    Take turns while doing timely practices and letting yourself since you require perceiving the texts and questions fully. Do you have an authentic IELTS practice test where model answers would be available?The test-takers can comment to assist you in evaluating your work. Don’t you have access to any university IELTS practice test series? You must not worry, as, on the IELTS website, you can find top IELTS sample questions.
  3. Get acquainted with the test structures
    If you don’t have any idea about the IELTS exam structure, the foremost thing to do is examine and research it. The thoughtful at-home preparations are grounded on a profound analysis of past papers.Various online sources are available, where you can go through the test structure to understand the pattern. Always remember that you are neither practicing nor giving any IELTS mock test. You will have to skim around the IELTS questions and familiarize yourself with the pattern.90% of the IELTS aspirants complain that they make huge mistakes while solving the start-up questions. Making enormous mistakes might demotivate you from trying your luck further, and you could end up achieving nothing.
  4. Boost writing proficiencies
    It would be better to practice one IELTS writing examination every day. This is how you can accomplish 30 IELTS writing assignments in a month, which will be highly beneficial for most candidates.Thousands of ways are there for particular parameters to augment your writing skills to acquire a coveted score in the IELTS. All you have to do is follow these best-in-class writing tricks to refine your performance.

    • While preparing at home, you must always practice while keeping in mind the word limit.
    • Fully prepared for the IELTS writing task 2 as it usually takes more time than IELTS writing task 1.
    • Speed and preciseness are the leading keys to enhancing preparation for IELTS.
    • Assess every question precisely and cover all the provided points in the writing assignments.
    • Crosscheck all the general errors and repair them before you submit your answer.
  5. Refine listening skills
    Knowing the correct technique to acquire the most coveted score in the IELTS listening test would be necessary. It will surely help escalate the listening tasks as the environment will be chaotic and noisy. Therefore, it will be beneficial to boost your concentration under crucial situations.You will be provided with a recording during your IELTS test. It would be best to concentrate entirely while listening to the whole recording, as it will be played once. In the meantime, you can review the questions, listen to that recording, and jot down the appropriate answers in the answer sheet. But you have to be multitasking.Moreover, at-home practicing for the listening tasks will enhance your listening competencies and help you choose the right one from the recording. Another fact to consider is that you must be meticulous in that recording, as the recording speed will simultaneously increase as the sections increase.

    Before taking any at-home IELTS practice set, listen to every instruction precisely and write answers in capital letters. Practicing this method will help boost clarity and pay close attention to spelling as well.


These are the top 5 tips for IELTS Preparation at home, which will be conducive to scoring high in the examination. As there is no substitute for preparation, IELTS preparation is the sole way to crack the test and achieve maximum bands. Although you’re well conversant with the English language, you still need top-notch preparation.

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