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    Complete Guide to Computer-based test for IELTS

    A computer-delivered IELTS test has drastically improved the candidate’s experience over its traditional paper-based format. So, the CD-IELTS has made a significant difference in the candidate’s life! It’s pretty amazing to drive forward with the emerging trends. Initially, it was 2017 when the CD-IELTS test was rolled in! Within a few times, it was broadly appreciated and embraced by over 20 countries globally. However, the leading aspect of this CD-IELTS test is the four modules of the test, such as reading, listening, writing, and speaking, are executed on the same day! So, are you interested in knowing the nitty-gritty factors of CD-IELTS? Read on now to better picture the CD-IELTS…

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    Avoid These Top 10 IELTS Myths and Rumors to Score Better

    It’s the human propensity to fall prey to any mischievous information or rumor without examining the real scenario. Every day, we come across thousands of details from our colleagues or friend, or relatives, which might not have any strong evidence to be real. Likewise, the popular things getting twisted in this world, which we might have taken for granted, the IELTS exam is also surrounded by numerous myths and rumors. These IELTS myths get brutally affected by the aspirants, which might hamper their IELTS preparation and score. So, why note dispel them as soon as possible. How? Well, here is our list of 10 IELTS myths. Use it as a…

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    Give IELTS Exam Using the At-home Testing Facility with Gurully

    IETLS is committed to making the life of a non-native speaker by all means. Since its inception, it has done many changes in the exam format, question types, scoring, and various other fronts to make the exam as time relevant as possible. The recent addition to the list is the freedom to take up the exam at home, a step taken to ensure the candidates’ safety in the pandemic outbreak. What it includes and how one can master it, is covered extensively in this blog. IELTS At-home Testing Facility: What is it? IELTS at-home or Online testing facility is going live at the beginning of 2022 and is only applicable…

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    Time Management for your CD IELTS Exam – Tips for All Sections

    An IELTS Exam is as much about time management as it is about English. So if you keep working on becoming proficient in English as a language but fail to manage time, you will fail miserably. Anyone preparing for the prestigious examination will know that it lasts for 2 hours and 45 minutes and it is not an easy task to time your mental and physical self to for the said duration. But remember, we are saying ‘it is not easy’ and not, ‘it is not possible!’ Best Tips for Time Management in CD IELTS Exam With consistent practice and a lot of hard work, one can get the desired…

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    How to Self-study for the CD IELTS Exam?

    When planning to go for higher studies and in colleges abroad, students are expected to appear for an exam that vouches for their expertise in English. What this means is that a candidate must be aware of the tonality and the accent of the British English language. Hence, the need for an exam. CD IELTS exam is a standard exam conducted across the globe and is accepted by most of the schools, universities, etc. In fact, employees when moving from a country that doesn’t have a first language English to an English-native nation must present their IELTS score to be eligible to work in a foreign organization. If you are…