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PTE Vs IELTS – Which Language Proficiency Exam Is Easy

So, you have finally decided to take that big step for the future and planned which country! But with that excitement often comes a new challenge: choosing the proper English language test. You might be hearing a lot about PTE vs IELTS & might feel confused about what to choose. 

Well, we have an answer to this question. But first, let’s discuss these exams briefly. 

PTE Exam: The Pearson Test Of English (PTE Exam) is an entirely computer-based exam integrating four skills (reading, listening, speaking, and writing) into various tasks. Scoring uses a combination of AI and human experts. Focuses on testing how you use English in real-world situations

IELTS Exam: The International English Language Testing System offers both paper-based and computer-delivered options. In this test, each skill (reading, listening, speaking, writing) is tested in separate sections. The scoring relies on human examiners. It focuses on individually assessing each language skill.

After learning about both exams and being guided in the right direction, we will always suggest that you choose PTE over IELTS. Here are some reasons why. 

Easier To Get Better Writing Scores With Less Emphasis On Essays

  • PTE : The PTE test uses a computer to guide you through speaking tasks, like describing a picture or reading aloud. Follow the instructions and speak good English, and you can score well. 
  • IELTS: They might ask you to talk about complicated stuff and express your thoughts. You have to be ready to analyze, which can be stressful. 

Shorter Time Duration For Better Focus:

  • PTE: You can complete the entire PTE exam in one go, around 3 hours, reducing inconvenience and stress. This allows you to stay focused and maintain momentum throughout the test. In this doubt of PTE vs IELTS, PTE is always an advantage.  
  • IELTS: Taking the speaking test on a separate day can disrupt the rhythm you establish during the other sections. This can make it harder to stay focused and perform at your best. 

Fully Computerized Test

  • PTE: The PTE exam is entirely computer-based, eliminating the need for face-to-face interaction during any portion of the test. This can be a significant benefit for test-takers who feel anxious in social situations, as it removes the pressure of performing for a human examiner.
  • IELTS: Provides flexibility with both paper-based and computer-delivered test options. In PTE vs IELTS, the drawback is the speaking test of IELTS, which is always conducted in a traditional format – face-to-face with a human examiner.

Easier To Score Well In Speaking & Reading Through Read Aloud:

  • PTE: Read Aloud in PTE focuses on clear pronunciation and reading comprehension of a presented text. It contributes to both Speaking and Reading scores, offering an opportunity to strengthen your overall score through a familiar task type.
  • IELTS: In IELTS, you have to do face-to-face interaction with an examiner, which requires a wide range of speaking skills like responding to questions, discussing topics, and expressing opinions. The scoring is done differently for both Reading & Speaking abilities. 

Spelling Has Much Lesser Significance In The PTE Writing Section:    

  • PTE: It focuses on clear communication & vocabulary variety. Minor spelling mistakes have less impact. Ideal for test-takers who excel in expressing ideas but struggle with spelling.                         
  • IELTS: In this exam, precise grammar & error-free writing is focused. Spelling mistakes can significantly affect your score. It is more challenging for those with spelling difficulties.

No Impact Of Grammar In PTE Speaking

  • PTE: The primary focus is on clear communication & fluency. That makes it ideal for test-takers who prioritize getting their message across efficiently, even if their grammar could be better.
  • IELTS: This test format demands accurate grammar alongside fluency and communication. If not addressed, stricter marking of grammatical errors can potentially lower your score. And that makes it step down in what to choose  PTE vs IELTS. 

Reading Comprehension Is The Least Important Question Type:

  • PTE: Reading comprehension contributes less to the overall Reading score compared to other question types. Focus on excelling in other areas like Multiple Choice or Single-answer questions for a better score.
  • IELTS: Reading comprehension carries the highest weighting in the Reading section. Mastering these questions is crucial for achieving a good Reading score.

No Need to Memorize a Big List of Vocabulary:

  • PTE: While a strong vocabulary is always helpful, the PTE emphasizes using English in a communicative way. Target commonly used words you’d encounter in daily conversations, emails, or news articles. 
  • IELTS: Building a strong vocabulary foundation is important but it’s not the sole focus for IELTS Practice. Develop a range of skills, such as summarizing information, organizing your thoughts, and using grammar accurately.

Accent Does Not Matter: 

  • PTE: The speaking section of PTE utilizes computer-based scoring. Your pronunciation is evaluated based on clarity and intelligibility, not on how closely it resembles a specific regional accent.
  • IELTS: The IELTS speaking test, on the other hand, involves a human examiner. While trained professionals strive for consistency, a strong accent might be perceived as a lack of fluency or grammatical knowledge.

Factors You Need To Consider While Choosing English Proficiency Exams:

  • Purpose: Are you taking the exam for study abroad, immigration, or work.
  • Acceptance: Which exams are accepted by your target institutions or employers.
  • Cost: Consider the registration fees and any additional costs of each exam.
  • Format: Think about your strengths and weaknesses when considering the testing format.
  • Validity: How long are the test results valid for. 
  • Availability: Where and when are the exams offered

After knowing the PTE vs. IELTS difference, you must start preparing for the exam that suits your preference. You need to choose a reliable platform for your practice. One of the best options is Gurully. 

We provide students with PTE mock tests and section-wise question practice to increase their chances of clearing the exams. In addition to the tests, we also provide knowledge zone and prediction files to strengthen test preparation. Our instant AI scoring will save time and help you know where you are lacking. 


Out of PTE vs IELTS, PTE is easier. Because PTE focuses on real-world English, shorter test time, and a computer-based format that reduces stress. Plus, scoring emphasizes clear communication over perfect grammar, making it ideal for those who struggle with spelling or have strong accents.

Remember, both the PTE and IELTS assess your ability to communicate in English effectively. Understanding their unique approaches will help you select the test that best showcases your proficiency.

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