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Set Your Target Score – Know Scoring Pattern Of DUOLINGO Vs IELTS

Are you considering studying abroad? You might have encountered the hurdle of proving your English language proficiency and will be confused about what exam to take. To end your confusion, DUOLINGO and IELTS are the two most chosen tests. But again, what to choose is confusing. So here is a detailed score comparison of DUOLINGO Vs IELTS. Read and know what suits your requirements.


Launched in 2016, the DET is a modern way to demonstrate your English skills for universities. Over 4,000 institutions worldwide accept this computer-based test, making it a flexible choice for study abroad applicants. However, it’s important to note that the DUOLINGO English Test (DET) is accepted only for academic purposes.


The IELTS is a widely recognized English language proficiency test that opens doors for international students. Offered in both paper-based and computer formats, the IELTS assesses your communication skills and ensures you’re prepared for academic success abroad.

Duration 60 Minutes 2 Hours & 45 Min
Result Availability 48 Hours Up to 13 Days
Test Format Online, adaptive Paper-based & Computer-based
Acceptance 5000+ Organizations 12000+ Organizations
Score Validity 2 Years 2 Years
Score Range 10-160 0-9 (Band)

Exam Pattern

Here are details about the exam patterns for both exams.  


Sections Time Period
Adaptive Examination (Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking 45 Minutes
Video Interview 10 Minutes


Sections Total Questions
Listening 40
Reading 40
Speaking 3
Writing 2


Score Comparison of IELTS Vs DUOLINGO


This test awards scores on a scale of 10 to 160. Upon receiving your results, you’ll see individual sub-scores that reflect your performance in specific areas and integrated sub-scores that combine related skills. These sub-scores are then averaged to give you your overall score.


IELTS scores come in bands, ranging from band 0 (the lowest) to band 9 (the highest). You’ll also receive a band score for the four test sections (Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking). These individual scores are then averaged to determine your overall band score.  For instance, you might achieve a band 7.5 overall, with an 8 in Listening and a 7 in Reading, Writing, and Speaking.

DUOLINGO Score IELTS Academic Band Equivalent
10-55 0-4.0
60 4.0
65-75 4.5
80-90 5.0
95-100 5.5
105-115 6.0
120-130 6.5
130-135 7.0
140-145 7.5
150-160 8.0-9.0


A1-A2 10-55
B1 60-95
B2 100-125
C1 130-150
C2 155-160

IELTS Mock Test


The Duolingo English Test (DET) keeps things simple, scoring 10 to 160. Here’s a breakdown of what your score might tell you:

  • Below 55: This indicates limited proficiency in English. You might struggle to understand basic conversations or written materials.
  • 55 to 85: This suggests moderate proficiency. You can handle everyday situations in English, but complex topics might be challenging.
  • Above 85: Congratulations, you’ve reached the advanced level! You can comfortably communicate in English for academic or professional purposes.


The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) uses a band system ranging from 0 (the lowest) to 9 (the highest), with increments of 0.5. Each section (Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking) receives its band score, which is then averaged to get your overall score.

  • Band 1-2: This indicates little to no English proficiency.
  • Band 3-4: You can understand basic phrases and communicate in familiar situations with limited vocabulary.
  • Band 5-6: You can handle most everyday situations and express yourself clearly on familiar topics.
  • Band 7-9: This demonstrates strong English proficiency. You can understand complex ideas and communicate fluently in both academic and professional settings.

Minimum Score Requirement Of DUOLINGO Vs IELTS For Top Universities

The DUOLINGO English Test is great for demonstrating your English proficiency to many universities. Over 3,500 institutions worldwide accept this test, including prestigious schools like Columbia, Chicago, Duke, New York, and Yale. The IELTS is a widely recognized option in English-speaking countries like the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Here is a list which you can check


University Country


(Minimum Score Requirement)


(Minimum Score Requirement)

Harvard University USA 7.0 125
Stanford University USA 7.0 or above 120
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) USA 7 120
University of California Berkeley (UCB) USA 6.5 115
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) USA 7 120
Yale University USA 7 120
Columbia University USA 6.5 105
Princeton University USA 8 ———-
New York University (NYU) USA 7.0 125
University of Pennsylvania USA 7.0 120
University of Oxford UK 7.5 ——
University of Cambridge UK 7.0 90
Imperial College London UK 7.0 125
University College London (UCL) UK 6.5 105
London School of Economics and Political Science UK 7.0 105
University of Edinburgh UK 6.5 115
King’s College London UK 7.0 115
University of Manchester UK 5.5 —-
University of Warwick UK 6.0 —-
University of Bristol UK 6.5 —-
University of Toronto Canada 6.5 120
University of British Columbia Canada 6.5 115
McGill University Canada 6.5 115
McMaster University Canada 6.5 120
University of Alberta Canada 6.5 120
University of Montreal Canada 6.5 120 & above
University of Calgary Canada 6.5 125
University of Ottawa Canada 6.5 105
University of Waterloo Canada 6.5 120
Western University Canada 6.5 115
University of Munich Europe 6.5 120
Catholic University of Leuven Europe 6.5 105-110
Karolinska Institute Europe 6.5
Utrecht University Europe 6.5
Heidelberg University Europe 6.5 95
University of Manchester Europe 5.5
Erasmus University Rotterdam Europe 6.5 110
University of Zurich Europe 7
University de Paris Europe 6.5 115

 The minimum score may vary, so check the official website for confirmation. 

No matter what exam you are choosing from DUOLINGO Vs IELTS, the first thing you must not forget is to practice. Gurully provides you with an online platform for both IELTS & DUOLINGO. You will get a full-length mock test to help you achieve your target. Even if you want to prepare for the last days, you can customize the practice package and select the days according to your needs.

Read to know everything about “DET Exam


The DUOLINGO English Test (DET) and the IELTS are valid options for demonstrating English proficiency when studying abroad. However, they differ in test format, scoring system, and institution acceptance. The IELTS is the more traditional and widely recognized test, but the DET offers a faster, more convenient online format.

Ultimately, the best choice for you depends on your specific needs and the requirements of the universities you are applying to. Consider factors like test format, turnaround time, score requirements, and budget when deciding.



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