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Top 5 Tips to Score a Perfect Band 8 in IELTS Speaking

Designed to check the English speaking competencies of a non-native speaker, the IELTS Speaking section gives a chill in the spine to many as one has to take up this test face-to-face with an official examiner.

The very idea of interacting with a native speaker makes a non-native text taker nervous. But you can’t afford to get nervous or underperform in this section, as the overall score is only considered when a minimum score is achieved in each section. So, stop ignoring the IELTS Speaking section. Ace it with these expert-recommended tips.

#1 – Talk sensibly

It’s a massive misconception that one will score big if complex words, idioms, and synonyms are used in the speech. However, in reality, the speaker senses what matters the most. If you’re using sentences or words that do not make sense or perfectly fit the given context, there is no chance you’ll score decent in the exam.

You can score big with simple sentences if you’re using them rightly and making an impact with your speech. So, instead of mugging up complex words or sentences, work on making sense. Clarity is also another crucial aspect to keep in your mind. Words and sentences that you’ll use in your speech should be understandable.

#2 – Practice in real-time

It’s obvious to feel nervous when sitting in front of a native speaker during an exam. Many of us even go blank and mess-up big. If you don’t want to put all your efforts in vain just because a native speaker is in front of you, practicing with a free IELTS mock test online is the only way out.

With this resource, you get a chance to experience the actual exam scenario before D-day. You can eliminate anxiety, which is the biggest enemy of test-takers. With a trusted IELTS mock test provider like Gurully, you practice with friendly native speakers who help you improve your pronunciation and accent. The mock test examiner will interact in a pattern or format similar to the exam. So you can overcome the nervousness easily.

Also, IELTS practice tests help you learn the art of time management. The interaction duration is the same as the actual exam. So, you can find out how much you can talk in a given time. All these things improve the score for sure.

#3 – Don’t ignore writing completely

You’re mistaken if you think there is no more writing in IELTS Speaking. The second section of this exam is all about writing, wherein you’ll be given a cue card and instructed to write it down. Only 60 seconds will be given. So, put your best foot forward and use analytical thinking.

#4 – Don’t use fillers

If you’re running out of ideas or sentences, end your speech on a positive note. Don’t extend by using fillers like uhh, I see, you know, well, and many more. These fillers break the rhythm and create a negative impression on the examiner.

#5 – Look and feel good

Last, don’t put your arms down and look undeniably confident. Half of the battle is already won with a confident pose and tone.

Speak like a pro and ace the IELTS Speaking section.

Attempting IELTS Speaking is no less than a nerve-wracking experience for a non-native speaker. But you can make it through it if you use IELTS practice tests from a trusted source, learn the art of time management, and talk sensibly. With these tips, no one can stop you from being a pro speaker that will fetch a perfect score in the IELTS Speaking section.

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