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Which English Proficiency Exam To Choose For Australian PR- Expert Opinion

Ever pictured yourself living in Australia? It’s a beautiful country with exciting cities, gorgeous beaches, and many chances to build a great life. But before you pack your bags, one crucial hurdle is the English proficiency exam required for Australian Permanent Residency (PR).

Feeling overwhelmed by the options – IELTS, TOEFL, PTE? Worry not, aspiring Aussies! This blog cuts through the confusion by presenting expert advice from seasoned educators. By knowing the strengths and drawbacks of each exam, we’ll help you choose the one that perfectly aligns with your learning style and PR goals.

Chai Bade

CEO & Founder, The Bunch Up


Expert Opinion


“Although there are several English proficiency tests available like IELTS, TOEFL, and OET, I highly recommend PTE Academic from my personal experience and as a PTE instructor.

Five years ago, I achieved a perfect score of 90 out of 90 in PTE Academic. Since then, I’ve been teaching PTE privately, and I’ve helped countless students achieve their desired scores, often exceeding 79 (equivalent to 8 in IELTS).

Here’s why I believe PTE Academic stands out:

Computer-based: The entirely computer-based format ensures a fair and unbiased assessment, eliminating human error in grading.

Fast Results: You typically receive your results within 5 business days, much faster than other tests. Normally within 1 day.

Flexible Test Dates: PTE offers numerous test dates throughout the year, making scheduling convenient.

Global Acceptance: PTE scores are accepted by thousands of institutions and governments worldwide, including Australia.

Focused Preparation: The test format is consistent, allowing for targeted preparation and practice.

Score Validity: PTE scores are valid for two years, giving you ample time to utilize them for your visa application.

The PTE Academic format encompasses all essential language skills – listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Its integrated tasks, where multiple skills are assessed simultaneously, mirror real-life communication scenarios, making it a practical test of your English abilities.

Whether you’re applying for skilled migration, studying abroad, or seeking professional registration, PTE Academic is a reliable and efficient way to demonstrate your English proficiency.”

Iqbal Ahmad

Founder & CEO, Britannia School of Leadership & Management


Expert Opinion


“ There are different English Language Exams which one can opt for Australian PR such as IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, OET, Cambridge English Exams (CAE and CPE) etc. However, the best one for Australian PR is IELTS here is why:

IELTS (International English Language Testing System)

Why it’s recommended:

Recognition and Acceptance

In Australia, IELTS is widely accepted by the Australian Department of Home Affairs for visa application. Because of its global recognition, it ensures that your test are valid and accepted worldwide for various immigration and professional purposes.

General and Academic Options

IELTS offers both General Training and Academics versions, providing flexibility depending on your PR application requirements. Since IELTS is widely accepted in Australian Department of Home Affairs, opting this will get you an extra boost on your Australian PR.

Global Availability

The best thing of IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is its global recognition. You don’t need to worry about its credibility. Once you clear IELTS your TRF (Test Report Form) will remain valid for 2 years from the date of the test results.”

Geet Parikh

English Proficiency Exam Expert

English Exam Expert

“As an English proficiency exam instructor with years of experience guiding students, I know the weight a test like this carries, especially when it comes to dreams like Australian Permanent Residency (PR).  While options like IELTS, TOEFL, and OET exist, I strongly recommend the Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic) for your PR journey. Here’s why:

PTE Academic: Your Gateway to Global Opportunities: If you aim to study or work abroad, the PTE Academic test is your key to unlocking numerous doors. Recognized by over 3,300 institutions worldwide, including prestigious names like Oxford University, Harvard Business School, and Yale, PTE Academic is a trusted measure of English language proficiency.

Global Acceptance and Recognition: The PTE Academic test is widely accepted by educational institutions and government governments of major English-speaking countries, such as Australia, Canada, the UK, and New Zealand, for visa applications. This widespread acceptance underscores the test’s reliability and rigor in assessing English language skills.

Unlock Your Immigration Goals with PTE: The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) in Australia accepts PTE scores for all visa categories requiring English language proficiency, making PTE a valuable tool for those seeking to immigrate to Australia.

Built for Australian PR:  Unlike other tests with broader applications, the PTE Academic is designed specifically for Australian immigration purposes. It assesses your English in the context you’ll need it most – everyday life and professional settings in Australia. This laser focus ensures your score accurately reflects the skills required for PR success.

Speed Demon: Time is of the essence when pursuing PR. Traditional tests often leave you waiting weeks for results, delaying your application. The PTE Academic delivers results in just 48 hours! This swift turnaround keeps your PR process moving smoothly, avoiding unnecessary delays.

Tech-Savvy and User-Friendly: Gone are the days of paper and pencils. The PTE Academic is computer-based, offering many a familiar and potentially less stressful environment. The user-friendly interface guides you clearly through each section, minimizing confusion and maximizing focus.

Fairness Reigns Supreme: Human subjectivity can be a concern with traditional exams. The PTE Academic eliminates this worry by employing advanced artificial intelligence for scoring. This ensures a consistently fair and unbiased assessment of your English abilities.

Flexibility is Key: Life throws curveballs, so scheduling your exam shouldn’t be one. The PTE Academic offers frequent test dates at a network of test centers worldwide. This flexibility lets you choose a time and location that suits your busy schedule.

Time-Saving Efficiency: Don’t fret about lengthy essays or prolonged speaking tests. The PTE Academic features a faster-paced format, ideal for those who may find traditional exam structures overwhelming.

The PTE Academic isn’t just another English test; it’s a strategic tool designed for your Australian PR journey. It’s efficient, fair, and reflects the real-world English you’ll need to thrive in your new home. “

If you are planning to take an English language proficiency exam, you can opt for any of the exams as suggested by the experts. To practice, you can opt for Gurully’s online practice platform. Our practice platform will provide full-length mock tests, which are AI-powered and will give you real-time exam simulation. Along with that, you will get the benefit of section-wise tests and prediction files for PTE exams.


In conclusion, there is no single “best” English proficiency exam for Australian PR. The ideal test depends on your individual priorities. IELTS offers broad recognition and separate formats for general and academic purposes. PTE Academic focuses on Australian immigration needs and boasts fast results and a computer-based format. Ultimately, consider factors like test format, turnaround time, recognition for your PR pathway, and your personal strengths when making your decision.


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