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Score a Perfect 8 in IELTS Reading With These Top 5 Tips and Tricks

For a non-native speaker, IELTS is the key to success as a perfect 8 in this test helps you grab a dream job or a seat in top universities of the world. However, it takes a lot to score that number.

What makes IELTS a tough nut to crack is the compulsion to perform in each section. You can’t underperform in one section and compensate for it to score 9/9 in another section. A perfect score is required in each section.

In this blog, we present you a crisp rundown of tips and tricks using which one can ace the IELTS Reading section.

#1 – Don’t ignore the instruction

We understand that you would be tense to complete the test in the given time. But, don’t make the mistake of ignoring the instructions. Read them carefully and give your answers accordingly. In Reading Section, the answer length matters the most.

You will be instructed as:

  • Write the answer in one word
  • Write the answer in two word

If you over-write your answer, you’re more likely to hurt your score as such answers are marked as incorrect even if the context is right. So, along with answering right, keep your focus on answering as per the given length instructions.

#2 – Abbreviations get counted as well

As mentioned above, word count is a success-driven success in the IELTS Reading section. So, while you’re tracking it, make sure you’re not leaving the abbreviations behind. This is a very common mistake that most IELTS aspirants make. They end up writing extra words. Understand that if you are counting 5 p.m. as one word, you’re wrong. Count them as 3, instead.

#3 – Master the skimming and scanning technique

If you want to ace the IELTS Reading section with the help of IELTS Reading mock test papers then you need to work on the skimming and scanning techniques. Skimming involves paying attention to the headline and having an idea of the information that the rest of the text has. Scanning is looking for crucial information that will help you understand the zest of the text. These two techniques will help you perform better.

#4 – Take the help of Reading IELTS practice te papers

The ideal preparation technique is checking your competency, finding the loopholes, and fixing them before D-day. This can be achieved with the help of IELTS practice test for reading. They are practice papers featuring memory-based questions from the real-time IELTS exam. As the pattern is similar to the actual exam, test-takers have a chance to be introduced to what they are going to face on the exam day.
Now, this pays off to the examinees in two ways. Firstly, it helps in dealing with exam anxiety, as candidates are aware of exam patterns. Secondly, when you practice with IETLS by Reading mock test papers, you have a chance to analyze your preparation level and spot the loopholes. Prior understanding of these helps a test-taker to improve the final performance.

#5 – Give a shot to every question

It’s understandable that you may not know the right answers to every question. But, there is no harm to attempt every question. IELTS has no negative marking scheme. So, even if you’re in doubt, answer it. You have nothing to lose. And, if you get lucky, you may get some answers right.

Gear up yourself for IELTS Reading

IELTS is your ladder to your dream job or dream university. If you want to climb high using this ladder, you need to master every bit of it. Experts suggest paying attention to instructions, using the skimming and scanning technique, and using free IELTS reading practice test papers are the best ways to fetch a grab score.

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