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Why Choose Gurully’s Software for your PTE and IELTS Institutes

Why choose Gurully for your coaching institute?

Gurully’s PTE and IELTS software offers straightforward and novel, and efficient solutions in the shortest span. With an innate understanding of the challenges of adult learners, we have invented a one-stop IELTS and PTE mock software to train individuals with distinct degrees of English speaking ability. However, you should choose Gurully for your coaching institute as we provide:

  • 35 PTE Mock tests
    We offer you monthly 35 mock tests, which will allow you to track your improvement. Also, our in-depth assessment of the result will help you understand which section, including speaking, reading, writing, or listening areas, needs your maximum attention.

  • Section-wise PTE practice tests
    Gurully, being the best in the industry, offers you 100 section-based PTE practice tests through which your confidence will be increased. These will also help you manage your time perfectly, letting you obtain a high score in the PTE exam.

  • 4000+ Question wise PTE practice
    Our question-wise PTE practice sets contain over 4000+ questions; isn’t it insane? Yes, you can thoroughly practice these questions in your leisure time to achieve the highest score.

  • Total 12000+ real exam updated questions
    We offer a total of 12000+ real exam question banks to assist candidates in obtaining their very best. Take benefit from PTE’s updated questions, and reach your full potential.

  • 31 IELTS Mock tests
    Hone your English proficiencies with 31 IELTS mock tests made by our expert researchers. Our goal can fetch your success!

  • 40 IELTS section-wise practice test
    On-demand 40 IELTS section-wise practice tests help you get your desired score. These practice tests will predict your score without any error. Face the top-quality IELTS sample questions right away!

  • Instant result, Analytics, Sample Answers, and Learning Management System
    A PTE practice test is a giant leap forward in your seamless PTE preparation journey. Go ahead with the tests and get instant results. Our AI will display accurate results and feedback to boost your score. Before taking your first PTE practice test, go through our sample answers today.

  • Upload your material in form of pdf, video, etc
    We allow you to upload your material in the form of videos and pdf in Gurully practice software, which will help us know your proficiency level.

  • 700+ Partner already trust us
    Over 700+ partners already trusted Gurully PTE/IELTS software for institutes to dive into their soon-to-be favorite course.

What feature you will get with Gurully software?

Gurully assesses over 35 PTE mock tests and 31 IELTS mock tests for its partners on an average day. Also, by collaborating with us, you will be working with a top-notch product, which offers curated mock tests and scorecards alongside the right exposure to the world. Therefore, you can obtain your dream score with authentic content with PTE and IELTS mock test software.

The classic features of the IELTS and PTE mock test software are the following:

  • Successfully mimic a real PTE or IELTS exam, and generate results
  • Free practice and offer a state-of-the-art AI-scoring in PTE with precise results. In IELTS’s reading and listening section AI results are provided and the writing and speaking section results are checked by our expert trainers.
  • Latest and updated material, which is daily updated with real exam questions
  • PTE Test score analysis and real-time suggestions for improvement
  • One of its kind software helps a student in developing their LFIBs and WFDs
  • Speech test helps them hone pronunciation for the speaking module
  • Get trial and tested templates for making your PTE and IELTS exam hassle-free for the students.
  • Guides students in understanding the marking and break-up of these exams according to IELTS and PTE.
  • It offers dictionary mode, which helps develop students’ vocabulary.
  • There will be a pronunciation mode for those grappling with pronouncing tough words.
  • The software helps improve community interaction by learning and evaluating each other’s performance.

How can you manage your students?

Get PTE and IELTS scored practice and mock tests at budget-friendly rates with a large extent of repeated questions. The Gurully practice software for institutes will give you full-fledged control of your student to assist them in obtaining their dream score.

Gurully offers a revolutionary online PTE and IELTS mock test software for coaching institutes throughout the country. The real-time environment for the PTE and IELTS mock test gives the student thorough practice for the exam.

Moreover, our eligible IELTS and PTE practice software for institutes guides your students in achieving the overall scores. We offer the committed PTE software for institutes to manage every student’s profile. With Gurully’s PTE and IELTS software for institutes, managing students will be easier through:

  • Limitless scored mock tests
    Get complete access to all the mock and practice sets without any limitations. Avail the benefit of Gurully’s PTE and IELTS practice software solution, which assists your institute’s students to take a step towards success.

  • Unlimited student creation
    As we don’t believe in limitations, you can’t predict how many students will enroll in the PTE course in the nearest future. That’s why we have created a limitless number of students and let them achieve their aimed score.

How does Gurully help you with teaching your students?

Thinking about how to make the mock tests and other Gurully features work with your curriculum? Due to the usefulness, you won’t find it difficult, we bet.

We offer you a wide range of premium IELTS and PTE practice test software to keep your students engaged and on track to acquire the best possible IELTS and PTE scores. Gurully gives you a profound analysis of every student’s progress and performance.

The best way to give precious feedback on your student’s test results will be by teaching them with our mock and practice software. As we create better software, you can get top-notch practice, mock tests, question-wise practice, quick results, sample answers, analytics, and a learning management system. This is how Gurully helps teach your students with the software:

  • Perceive your student’s behavior
    Keep tabs on the results and the analytics of every student from your admin panel to guide them in overcoming their PTE or IELTS exam issues.

  • Hassle-free management of students
    Complete access to your personalized admin panel to build manage practice materials for your diligent students.

  • Take your institution to the highest level
    You can make your institute efficient by availing of our IELTS practice software and switching your focus on your student’s success.

Because Gurully’s PTE software for institutes gives greater control and strengthens the curriculum, PTE software might be a game-changer for the institutes. Only a few suppliers provide this feature, making it challenging to identify trustworthy software. Furthermore, standard PTE software won’t be able to do anything extraordinary. For the best possible outcome, it must be the premium one that Gurully offers.

PTE and IELTS are just a few of the tests that Gurully practice software Technologies provides instructional software for. Delivering world-class services to clients and students in over 40 countries is what we’ve been doing for the past six years. Mock examinations, question banks, and section-wise tests help round out our most valuable offerings.

Mock test and material delivery solutions are provided to educational institutions, private instructors, and students as a one-stop-shop solution. Teachers will be able to use our Learning Management System to help steer their students to a great outcome. The PTE mock test software helps streamline the management, maintains the growth of your Institute, and focuses on your personal development.

To help you succeed, we’ve made it easier for you to choose the mock exam and practice test platform that will help you get there. These exams may be prepared for by taking our PTE, and CD-IELTS practice tests. At Gurully, we’re devoted to providing the most excellent PTE and IELTS mock test software and making it easy to take practice exams. In addition, it is designed with the goals of a student in mind, ensuring the most excellent possible outcomes.

You can see how well you did in each section of the PTE and IELTS by taking this section-by-section exam. The online PTE Section-wise test’s score provides a detailed analysis of each question type.

Our goal is to give your students the most up-to-date information, strategies, and tactics to make their idea a reality. To ensure your institute’s success on firsthand, you will get the proven tactics we have used with hundreds of students in our classroom. To get a thorough grasp of the software and its components, our executives tell you the nitty-gritty of the software, and how you can teach your students the hidden secrets and strategies of PTE and IELTS.

How will Gurully help you to increase your brand name?

First, reflect on your core values: Is your website, social media accounts, and other materials consistent with those values? Coordinating all your behaviors with your surroundings is the most critical branding component. Understanding your institution’s values, vision, and other traits, Gurully can help you provide the best PTE and IELTS software for institutes to match your brand’s values and vision.

Coaches, consultants, and other service providers no longer have to settle with a drab headshot. The IELTS and PTE tuition service providers now can stand out in the online crowd by using images that express their personality and sense of style. You will attract the right clientele and get your message out for little work. Authenticity is critical to a company’s success in branding.

A brief and unambiguous description of who you are and what you excel at is all that is needed to define your brand. Gurully has been given a wealth of options to grow and extend your businesses thanks to social media. Regardless of what we want to be recognized for, joining the media allows us to spread our message far more quickly, widely, and effectively.

How will Gurully help you to increase your revenue?

Your only options for expanding your company’s profits are increasing the student’s numbers, boosting the average transaction size, increasing the number of transactions per student, and raising pricing. It signifies that you’re aiming to get more students in the door by incorporating the best PTE and IELTS practice software for institutes. Assuming the average transaction size remains the same, this technique is simple: when more students are enrolling in your courses, it will bring in more money for the institutes.

Increased transaction sizes suggest that you attempt to persuade each student to buy more of their services. If a student orders the study materials, you may give them some free mock test samples, free resources, and many more to keep them engaged. If a student buys a lot of these things, their spending will increase, and your income will increase.

Increasing the number of times a student buys PTE and IELTS packages is a way of encouraging them to do so more often. If your typical client only comes in once a month, you may raise your income by persuading them to come in once a week. If the average transaction size remains constant, your business will make more money as more people come in.

Increasing your pricing implies that you’ll get more money from each consumer that buys a PTE coaching service from you. If your volume, average transaction size, and frequency do not change, then boosting your rates will result in more significant profit for the same amount of work put in. Your ideal customers are those who purchase early, often, spend the most, and spread the word about your product or service.

Using Gurully’s IELTS and PTE practice test software, you can get a complete picture of how each student is doing academically and personally. It makes it easier for you to provide your students with valuable comments on their exam results.

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