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Gurully 3.0 Update Features: Biggest update for Institute Panel

What is Gurully 3.0 Update for Institutes?

The Gurully 3.0 update is the biggest update ever for our Institutes! Our technical team worked day & night to create something BIG and amazing for our customers exclusively. We reformed how we looked at the Gurully practice platform and made it easy for our customers to use the software.

Today, we will deep dive into the features offered by the Gurully 3.0 update and how it is the biggest update ever in Gurully’s history for the Institutes.

Complete Design Overhaul:

Our designers thought it was time for our customers to receive a completely new design for the Institute software. Blue is a symbol of Inspiration, so they crafted a design that can easily inspire all the Institute owners, teachers, and students. The design is sleek, and it makes software more attractive in terms of appearance. You can experience it right away and share your valuable feedback on it.

Introducing Dark Mode:

We know most of you like to use all of your apps in dark mode, and our tech team ensured that the design was not compromised and that even the dark mode should inspire you to do great things. You can easily switch from the default theme to Dark Mode directly from your panel with a single toggle button.

Extend Student Account Validity:

Many of you had concerns about the student account validity in Institute Software. Well, not anymore! You can choose to extend the student account validity at the time of Student account creation to make your job easier.

Upcoming Expiry for Students Alert:

The most awaited feature is here! You can now review your upcoming expiry for student accounts on the student listing page on the Institute Admin Panel. This will ensure that you will be updated about all the student accounts that will expire soon!

Authentic & Accurate Additional Content:

We know everybody loves more content. Our content team is working hard to add additional authentic content to the platform. Gurully 3.0 brings 20 additional section-wise questions, upgraded design, and other perks. You will be able to access it right from the start. That’s not it; our content team has updated the current content and is working on adding as much content as possible.

What has improved?

Gurully 3.0 update is 59% more efficient and 25% faster than Gurully 2.0 for Institute! This is not just a look-and-feel update but rather an overall upgrade from Gurully 2.0. This update is massive because the Gurully Institute platform has become more efficient and faster and is ready to become the No.1 rated platform.

Please feel free to contact our Institute Support team to understand how to use the software and discuss this update in detail. In fact, our support team will give you a demo of how to use the software and access its features.

Are you not using Gurully?

Well, this is the best time to switch to Gurully, as it is on the path to becoming No.1. Our team is working hard to make it one of the easiest-to-use platforms in the market. Don’t worry; our plans and pricing are also upgraded with Gurully 3.0.

What are you waiting for?

Are you looking for the best PTE software for your institutes? Contact our support team at +91 95120-40064 to book a free DEMO and get started with Gurully 3.0

Stay tuned as we will give you one more surprise this Christmas! 🙂

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