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Score High In PTE Exam – Section-by-Section Guide for Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening

Many universities and institutions worldwide accept PTE Exam scores, making it a popular choice for international students and migrants. However, achieving a high PTE score requires targeted preparation and a solid understanding of the different sections. This blog serves as your comprehensive guide to conquer each section of the PTE exam – Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening – with effective strategies to maximize your score.

Understanding the PTE Exam

The PTE exam is a single, integrated test lasting approximately three hours. Each section focuses on a specific skill but may integrate other skills to assess your overall English proficiency. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Speaking (45-50 minutes): Assesses your spoken English fluency, pronunciation, and ability to express yourself clearly in different situations.
  • Writing (54-67 minutes): Evaluate your writing skills across various tasks, such as summarizing information, writing essays, and filling out forms.
  • Reading (29-30 minutes): Tests your understanding of different types of written texts, including academic passages, emails, and online content.
  • Listening (30-43 minutes): Measures your comprehension of spoken English through lectures, conversations, and academic talks.

Speaking Section:

  • Speak in English Daily: Consistent practice is your secret weapon. Immerse yourself in English daily to build fluency and confidence. Find a speaking partner, join online forums, or even have conversations with yourself.
  • Self-Evaluate: Record yourself tackling various speaking tasks using a voice recorder or smartphone app. Listen back to your recordings—are there areas begging for improvement? This self-assessment will be your guide to targeted practice.
  • Check Punctuations: Learn the art of correct pronunciation and intonation. Practice enunciating clearly and speaking with an understandable rhythm.
  • Listen & Summarize: Improve your listening comprehension by immersing yourself in English audio—lectures, podcasts, and even news reports. Train yourself to summarize key points effectively, a skill crucial for retelling information tasks.
  • Develop Image Description Skills: Practice describing various types of images in detail – sceneries, graphs, charts – the more diverse, the better.

Understand in detail PTE Exam Format 2024

Writing Section:

  • Write Clear & Simple: Keep your sentences short and easy to understand when writing your PTE essay. Avoid using complex words or phrases that might confuse the reader. The clearer your writing, the easier it is for the graders to understand your points.
  • Organize Your Writing:  Stay focused on the topic and present your ideas in a well-organized order. Start with a strong introduction that introduces your main point. Then, use clear paragraphs to develop your main points.
  • Use Formal Language: Maintain a formal tone throughout your essay. Avoid using slang, abbreviations, or informal expressions.
  • Build Strong Vocabulary: The wider your vocabulary, the better you can express yourself in your essay. Regularly read books, articles, or other materials in English to encounter new words. Actively try to understand their meaning and practice using them in your writing.
  • Keep A Check On Grammar: Solid grammar is the foundation of clear and effective writing. Ensure you use correct grammar, sentence structures, and verb tenses throughout your essay. Proofread your work carefully.
  • Keep Sentences in Flow: Transition words and phrases connect your ideas smoothly. These words help your essay flow naturally and guide the reader from one point to the next.

Reading Section:

  • Understand the Question: This is the golden rule! Before diving into answer mode, take a moment to read the question carefully. Reread it if necessary. A clear understanding of the question is the foundation for a correct answer.
  • Sharpen Your Skimming Skills: When you encounter a passage on a test, don’t get involved in every detail. Instead, develop the ability to quickly scan through the text to grasp the central idea and identify the main points.
  • Focus On Keyword: Highlight key terms in the question: facts, figures, names, locations. These are your golden nuggets, guiding you towards the answer.
  • Deep Dive Analysis: After understanding the overall meaning, do a close reading. Analyze the passage to find the answer that perfectly aligns with the question’s information.
  • Eliminate the Confusion: Stuck on a multiple-choice question? Use the elimination strategy! Rule out options that seem irrelevant. This increases your chances of picking the right answer.
  • Time Management: Learn to manage your time effectively. Many students struggle to finish on time. Allocate more time to complex questions that demand more focus.
  • Double-Check for Success: Always double-check your answers. This habit minimizes errors and prevents point deductions for silly mistakes.

Listening Section:

  • Actively Listen: The first thing you need to do is listen actively. Start by watching movies without subtitles. This forces you to focus on the spoken words and develop your comprehension. Make note-taking a habit while listening to audio or watching videos. This strengthens your comprehension and prepares you for the task demands.
  • Start Taking Notes: Since the PTE exam integrates listening with writing, practicing digital note-taking is crucial. Throughout your preparation, incorporate digital note-taking while listening to audio. This simulates the exam environment and hones your skills.
  • Get Expertise In Managing Time: After selecting an answer, dedicate a few seconds to review. This allows you to catch any errors and make necessary corrections. During the allotted response time, divide your focus between listening to questions, understanding them, answering, and reviewing your answers.
  • Focus on Details: Don’t underestimate the importance of details in the audio recordings. While keywords are crucial, focus on details like pronouns and tenses in the recording. These seemingly minor details can significantly impact your answer accuracy.

Practice On Multiple PTE Exam Mock Tests:

Mock tests mimic the actual exam environment, including question format, time constraints, and even the number of sections. Taking practice tests helps you get comfortable with the pressure and adjust your approach accordingly.

Gurully’s online platform is your personal training ground for exam success. We offer a complete suite of practice tools, including full-length mock tests with AI-powered scoring that mimics the real exam experience. This way, you’ll get a crystal-clear picture of your strengths, weaknesses, and how far you’ve come in your studies.


Following these strategies and practicing diligently can significantly improve your score and achieve the desired results. Remember, the key lies in understanding the question formats, managing your time effectively, and practicing with mock tests to simulate the real exam environment. Break a leg on your PTE exam.

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