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Last-Minute PTE Core Practice Tips To Achieve Your Target 

Are you tired and confused? Or is this PTE Core practice enough to achieve your target score? 

At least once, you would have thought how much more practice you require while preparing for PTE Core. Practice is never enough, but it won’t give you any results if you do not do it strategically. But worry not—we have your back. Even if your test date is creeping closer, there are ways to maximize your performance.

We will share some awesome last-minute preparation tips to help you feel confident. These targeted practice techniques, strategies to manage your time effectively, and some simple ways will help you stay calm and focused during the test.

Here are last-minute preparation tips that will help you throughout your exam journey. Follow them and get your path cleared for the exam. 

Review The Format:  

The PTE Core is a computer-based exam with four sections: Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening. Each section has different question types and time limits.  Spend a few minutes reviewing the test format, including the types of questions you’ll encounter and how much time you’ll have for each section.  This will help you feel more prepared and confident on test day.

Don’t Stress: 

We know it is easier said than done, right? But seriously, freaking out won’t get you anywhere.  Stress can cloud your thinking and make it harder to perform your best. Instead, take some deep breaths, visualize yourself succeeding, and remind yourself of all the hard work you’ve put in.  A positive and calm mindset will be your best asset on exam day. 

Time Management:

The PTE Core is all about time management.  Each section has strict time limits, so knowing how to pace yourself is crucial.  Practice watching the clock during mock tests (more on that in a second!), and develop a strategy for each question type.  For example, in the Reading section, you might want to spend more time on longer passages and skim through shorter ones.

Practice On Mock Tests:

However, this cannot be considered the last-moment PTE Core practice tips because you must take most tests a week before the exam. Taking practice tests under timed conditions will help you get familiar with the format, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and develop your time management skills.

Section-Wise PTE Core Practice Tips 

Speaking Section:

  • Don’t Panic: If you get stuck on a question, take a deep breath and move on. It won’t affect your score on other questions.
  • Focus On Delivery: The test manages time for you, so concentrate on speaking clearly and at a natural pace. Avoid strong accents, and just be yourself.
  • Keep It Flowing: It’s okay to make mistakes; don’t get hung up on them. Just keep talking and avoid correcting yourself in the middle of your answer.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Focused practice on tricky pronunciations, especially similar sounds and singular/plural forms, goes a long way. Practice forming grammatically correct sentences incorporating these words.
  • Utilize The Notepad: The erasable notepad is your friend! Use it to jot down key points for tasks like “Re-Tell Lecture” or “Describe Image.” Writing vertically helps you stay organized and maintain the flow of your thoughts.
  • Prepare For Image Descriptions: Familiarize yourself with different image prompts to prepare for anything.
  • Train Your Ears: Get comfortable speaking in slightly noisy environments. Practice answering prompts in a crowded cafe or setting to prepare for test day distractions.

Writing Section:

  • Time Management is Key: While typing speed is important, focus on managing your time effectively. Practice writing under timed conditions to feel comfortable during the exam.
  • Structure is Your Friend: Organize your writing using a clear format, such as an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion for essays. This will make your writing flow smoothly and score well.
  • Stay Focused: It’s easy to get sidetracked. Make sure your writing directly addresses the task instructions and avoids going off on tangents.
  • Word Count Matters: Be mindful of the word limit for each task. Aim for 250-300 words in essays and 5-75 words in summaries. Sticking to the limit ensures you answer the question completely and avoid losing points.
  • Summarize Like a Pro: When summarizing written text, condense the main points into a single clear sentence within the word limit (5-75 words). Use proper punctuation to ensure your summary is easy to understand.

Reading Section:

  • Reading Section Time Management: The Reading section is fast-paced, giving you roughly 29-30 minutes to answer all the questions. You’ve likely practiced controlling your time on reading tasks – keep that skill sharp during the actual exam. Don’t get stuck on any one question – move on and come back if time allows.
  • Beware of Negative Marking: Some Reading questions have negative markings, meaning you can lose points for wrong answers. Consider carefully before answering, especially for questions that seem easy but might have a hidden trick.
  • Grammar Skills Get Tested: The Reading section also assesses your grammar skills. If you have a few spare minutes before the exam, quickly skim through some key grammar rules for a quick refresh.

Listening Section: 

  • Plan Your Time: The listening section takes 30-43 minutes and has various question types. Budget your time effectively to answer them all.
  • Listen Up!: The audio plays only once, so listen carefully and take notes while you hear it.
  • Take Notes Wisely: Use the erasable note booklet provided to jot down key points. Remember, don’t spend too much time writing and miss the next part of the audio.
  • Score Booster: The listening section can significantly impact your overall score. With good focus and practice, aiming for 70+ is achievable!
  • Calming Technique: Consider meditation before the exam. It can improve your focus and help you stay calm while listening.

These tips will help you clear the exam more effectively. To practice for the exams, you can use Gurully. Our platform will provide full-length mock tests with authentic content powered by AI scoring for practice. You can also practice question-wise and section-wise questions to score higher in CLB. 

To know how to plan your mock test, read here.


While practicing for the PTE Core exam is very important, aimless studying won’t get you far. This guide has equipped you with targeted last-minute tips beyond practice tests (which are important but best taken a week before the exam). 

We have covered strategies for staying calm, managing your time effectively, and specific techniques for each section: Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening. By following these tips, you’ll feel confident and focused on exam day.

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