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PTE Core Test Format 2024- All You Need To Know

Whether you plan to seek employment opportunities or migrate to Canada, the PTE Core test is for you. Pearson Test Of English has launched PTE Core in 2024 to ease down the path of individuals. But before you start preparing, you must understand its format in depth. So here is a detailed test format you must go through before attempting this exam in 2024.

Duration: 2 Hours

Test Format: Divided into 4 sections, Speaking, Writing, Reading & Listening

Mode: Computer Based

Speaking & Writing

These sections have 7 question types, which are the following.

  • Read Aloud: Demonstrate your ability to read a passage clearly and smoothly. Focus on accurate pronunciation and a natural flow of speech.
  • Repeat Sentence: Listen attentively to a sentence and then repeat it exactly. This assesses your short-term memory recall and clear speaking skills.
  • Describe Image: Describe a displayed image in detail within a limited timeframe. Pay attention to key elements and actions, and use intense language to paint a picture with your words.
  • Respond to a Situation: Listen to a scenario and read some text about it. Then, respond in your own words, showing your understanding.
  • Answer Short Question: This task throws a quick question your way, and you’ll need to answer in just one word. It’s a test of how well you grasp the question itself and the context surrounding it.
  • Summaries Written Text: Summarize a text passage in one clear sentence, capturing its main idea.
  • Write an Email: Craft a clear and well-organized email based on a provided situation. Demonstrate your understanding of email etiquette by adopting the appropriate tone and level of formality.

Reading :

The reading section consists of 5 question types.

  • Reading & Writing Blanks: This task presents a passage with missing words. Choose the most suitable word from a dropdown menu to complete the text logically and grammatically.
  • Multiple Choice Multiple Answer: Read a passage followed by a question with multiple answer choices. Here, you need to identify all the correct options based on the information presented in the passage.
  • Reorder Paragraph: You’ll be presented with a paragraph where the sentences are jumbled. Your task is to rearrange them in the correct order to create a logically flowing paragraph.
  • Fill In The Blanks: Similar to the first “Fill in the Blanks” task, you’ll have a passage with missing words. However, you’ll be given answer choices to drag and drop into the blanks instead of a dropdown menu.
  • Multiple Choice Single Answer: After reading a passage, you’ll encounter a multiple-choice question with only one correct answer. This task evaluates your ability to grasp the text’s main idea, adapt its meaning to the question, and demonstrate strong reading comprehension skills.


In the listening section, there are 7 question types that you need to understand carefully.

  • Summaries Spoken Text: Listen attentively to a recording and then write a summary capturing the key points. This assesses your ability to understand the audio’s main ideas and supporting details.
  • Multiple-Choice (Choose Multiple Option): After listening to an audio clip, you’ll be presented with a question and multiple answer choices. Choose all the options that are correct based on the information in the recording. This evaluates your ability to identify specific details within the spoken content.
  • Fill In The Blanks: Listen to a recording with missing words in the transcript. Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate words based on your hearing. This assesses both your listening comprehension and your ability to understand the context of the audio.
  • Multiple Choice (Choose Single Answer): Listen to an audio recording followed by a question with only one correct answer. This task evaluates your ability to identify key details and select the option that best reflects the information presented in the audio.
  • Select Missing World: Listen to a recording with a missing word. Based on the context of the surrounding audio, predict and choose the word that best completes the sentence.
  • Highlight Incorrect Words: You’ll be presented with a transcript and an audio recording. Listen carefully and identify any words or phrases in the transcript that differ from what you hear.
  • Write From Dictation: Listen to short audio sentences and then type what you hear accurately. This evaluates your ability to comprehend the spoken language quickly and transcribe it correctly.

New Question Types Of PTE Core

If you are already preparing for PTE Academic no need to worry as there are no major changes. In this test, there are only two new question types. Here is an example of both the question type with sample answer. Go through it and learn.

Write An Email

For example –

Question :

You are planning a trip with friends. Write an email to the group suggesting some potential destinations and asking for their preferences. Include some research and encourage them to share their ideas.

Mention your preferred travel dates and duration

Ask about budget considerations and preferences

Inquire about any specific interests or activities they want to include

Suggest a deadline for finalizing the destination and travel plans

Answer :

Hey everyone,

Ready to explore someplace unique together? I’ve been researching – [destination 1] offers culture and history, while [destination 2] boasts nature and adventure.

I found [accommodation type] options starting at $ [price range] per night to gauge budgets. Do you have any other dream spots?

Let’s aim for a trip between [start date] and [end date]. What works best for you budget-wise?

I am open to activity ideas, too! Let’s finalize the planning by [date].

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!


[Your Name]


Respond To A Situation


Question:  You are planning a trip with friends. Write an email to the group suggesting some potential destinations and asking for their preferences. Include some research and encourage them to share their ideas.


Approaching the counter, I reviewed the menu for a moment. Opting for my usual iced caramel macchiato, I politely requested oat milk as a substitute and asked for a lighter drizzle of caramel to control the sweetness. With a professional smile, I placed my order for a vent size. The barista confirmed my request, and we exchanged a brief greeting about the pleasant weather. 

Efficiently, my beverage was prepared. “That will be five seventy-five,” the barista informed me, presenting the cup. I expressed my gratitude and offered payment. “Thank you for your business; enjoy your beverage,” they replied courteously. I secured a comfortable seat and savored the perfectly balanced coffee.

Get some PTE Core Practice Tips that can ease your preparations.

Knowing the format is not enough as you have to practice also. To make your path easy Gurully is there to help. Our platform provides real-time exam simulations, giving you the closest experience to the actual test. We offer targeted practice, allowing you to focus on specific question types and sections. This means you can identify areas that need extra work and practice them intensively.


PTE Core test opens doors to exciting opportunities for international study, work, and even migration to Canada. This computer-based exam assesses your real-world English communication skills through speaking, writing, reading, and listening tasks.

This blog has equipped you with a comprehensive breakdown of the PTE Core test format in 2024. Understanding the different question types – from describing images in the Speaking & Writing section to identifying missing words in the Listening section – will be crucial for your PTE Core success.


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