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PTE Core 2024 – Hit Your Targeted Score In First Attempt   

As English is a dominant language, proficiency in this language is in high demand worldwide, so language proficiency exams are in high demand. As the PTE exam is becoming popular, Pearson has introduced the PTE Core to ease individuals’ use. Here is all you need to know about PTE Core 2024. 

What Is PTE Core?

PTE (Core), also known as the Pearson Test Of English Language, is vital for those who are planning to move to Canada for work purposes, migration, or citizenship. Those who are seeking to settle in Canada have to take this test. 

PTE Core is not a traditional paper-based exam; rather, it is conducted entirely online. The advantage of this online exam procedure is the accurate and objective results. Technology involvement ensures fairness and fast results. Also, the test is widely recognized by professional organizations, which makes it a valuable credential for people.

Who Should Opt For PTE Core

  • If you aim for permanent residency in Canada, PTE Core results are a valid way to demonstrate your English language proficiency to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).
  • PTE Core is also accepted for Canadian citizenship applications.

Test Format Of PTE Core:

Duration: 2 Hours

Test Format: Divided into 4 sections, Speaking, Writing, Reading & Listening

This exam is designed to meet the CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark). PTE Core is a computer-based test that evaluates a candidate’s ability based on four sections: Speaking, Writing, Reading, and listening. To help you understand more about it, here are some details about the format. 

Speaking & Writing: 

  • Read Aloud: Candidates must read aloud a text on screen. This task tests your reading and speaking skills, so be clear with your pronunciation.
  • Repeat Sentence: Candidates listen to the sentence, and after that, they have to repeat it as it is. In this, your memory, speech clarity, and spoken English are tested.
  • Describe Image: Students must describe the image in detail in a limited time. This task will evaluate their adaptability to organizing thoughts and using descriptive language.
  • Respond to a Situation: This task involves listening to and reading a descriptive situation, after which students have to give an extended response in their own words. This tests students’ ability to understand, analyze, and express opinions.
  • Answer Short Question: You have to hear a question and have to respond to it in a single word. In this task, your understanding of the question and context is being tested.
  • Summaries Written Text: In this section, candidates have to shorten a text into a summary. You have to capture the text’s essence along with its meaning. It will test your capacity to understand the ideas involved in the text. You should write the response in a single sentence with the word limit. 
  • Write an Email: Candidates must write a clear and organized email based on a given situation. In this, you have to follow all the email etiquette, tone, and formality.


The reading module of the PTE core is divided into 5 tasks, each designed to evaluate different aspects of reading comprehension.

  • Reading & Writing Blanks: Candidates are assigned tasks in which they have to complete the text by selecting a word from the dropdown. This evaluates vocabulary & understanding of grammatical structures and the text’s coherence. 
  • Multiple Choice Multiple Answer: You have to read the passage, which will be followed by a question. You have to select the correct answer from multiple options. This will evaluate your ability to detect detailed information.
  • Reorder Paragraph: In this section, you will be given a jumbled paragraph, which you have to rearrange in the correct order. It will evaluate your ability to understand the logical flow and your analytical skills.
  • Reading Fill In The Blanks: This is the same as the first, with a slight difference. In this, you must drag and drop the multiple options from the prompt. This task evaluates your critical reading, understanding of the writer’s intent, and contextual cues.
  • Multiple Choice Single Answer: In this section, you read a passage and answer a multiple-choice question with the correct answer. This evaluates your ability to adapt the meaning, reading skills, and adaptation of the main idea from the text.


The listening section includes a variety of tasks, which include following patterns.

  • Summaries Spoken Text: You must listen to a recording and write a summary. This task will evaluate your listening and writing skills.
  • Multiple-Choice (Choose Multiple Option): In this task, candidates listen to an audio and select multiple correct answers. This will test their ability to understand detailed information.
  • Fill In The Blanks: After hearing the audio, students must fill in the word in the transcript. This task will test their listening and writing skills.
  • Multiple Choice (Choose Single Answer): After hearing the audio, students must select a single correct answer. This will evaluate their ability to pick out key details.
  • Select Missing World: In this task, you must select a word that completes the recording by hearing it. Prediction and comprehension skills are being tested in this segment.
  • Highlight Incorrect Words: In this section, individuals must identify the words in the transcript from the audio that differ from it. You are being tested based on comprehension of spoken English.
  • Write From Dictation: Students must type what they hear in the audio after listening to short sentences. This test measures their ability to understand and transcribe the language spoken.

Scoring System Of PTE Core

  • PTE Core scores consist of 49 to 54 questions, and you will receive scores between 10 and 90 points. 
  • In some questions, multiple skills are tested, and the score on these questions counts towards your score for both of those skills.
  • Correct Or Incorrect- If you get the answer right on these tasks, you score a point! But if you miss it, you don’t lose any points; you just move on to the next one.
  • Partial credit- you will get partial points for partially correct answers but less than maximum numbers. 
  • You’ll get a special report online that shows your strengths and weaknesses in different areas. 

PTE Core Scoring


PTE Core Practice Tips For 2024 

Here is section-wise guidance for you to score well in the PTE core. 


  • Practice Fluency & Pronunciation: Your way of speaking must be natural and smooth. Try to refine pronunciation, especially for sounds influenced by your native language. Avoid using ‘um’ or ‘uh’ to fill pauses.
  • Read-Aloud Technique: Focus on accent and emphasis while practicing your Read-Aloud tasks. For example, when reading the sentence “A quart jar of oil mixed with Zinc Oxide makes a bright paint,” emphasize words like ‘quart Jar,’ “mixed,’ ‘Zinc Oxide,’ and ‘Bright paint.’
  • Repeat Sentence Strategy– Focus on understanding, not memorizing. His section tests how well you remember and repeat sentences. Don’t worry if you forget a word; just keep going smoothly.
  • Describe Image Strategy: When attempting this section, adopt a structured approach. Start with a detailed description followed by specific details, and include a summary or interpretation.


  • Go Through The Format Properly: The first thing you need to check is the format. Understand it properly, as in this you have to shorten a passage into a single sentence.
  • Combine multiple ideas from the passage by focusing on conjunction and relative pronouns or transforming key points into subordinate clauses.
  • Address The Prompt Clearly: You have to ensure that the introduction directly addresses the email prompt and the conclusion summarizes key points in brief.
  • Use Good Vocabulary: Incorporate synonyms and academic vocabulary to demonstrate a broad grammatical range. For example, instead of using the word “good” repeatedly, use its synonyms like “positive,” “beneficial,” and “valuable.


  • Improve Note-Taking Skills: Always jot down brief notes of the main ideas of each paragraph while attempting to re-order paragraph tasks. Keep a check on transition words or phrases.
  • Prioritize Time Management: Manage your time wisely by recognizing specific questions. 
  • Re-order paragraphs might require more time than others, so try to spend less time on other sections.
  • Practice By Reading Diverse Material: Start practicing with diverse reading materials. You can also explore newspapers, magazines, academic texts, and journals.
  • Scan & Scoop Out: Start by scanning the main ideas and details in the text. This will help you get the gist of the passage.


  • Identify Keywords: Listen carefully to crucial information such as names, dates, places, and numbers. Jot it down and remember to use it.
  • Improve Predictive Listening: Engage actively with the content by anticipating the speaker’s following points. This proactive approach helps maintain focus and comprehension.
  • Understand Different Accents: In this exam, you will encounter various accents, including British, American, Australian, and many more. You must be familiar with these accents and immerse yourself in such content.
  • Take Notes: You must take efficient notes while attempting the listening section. Write down key points using shorthand or symbols to save time.

Practice On Mock Test: 

By taking mock tests, you can gain valuable insights into your strengths and weaknesses across all four PTE Core skills: Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening. This self-assessment allows you to identify areas that require more focus and tailor your study approach accordingly. 

Additionally, mock tests familiarize you with the PTE Core scoring system, giving you a realistic idea of your potential score range. This empowers you to set achievable goals and track progress as you move closer to your target score.

To learn how many PTE Core mock tests you require for practicing, read here.

How To Book The PTE Core Exam 

  • Head to the PTE official website: Create an account (PTE only accepts registrations there).
  • Fill out your details: Match them exactly to your passport.
  • Pick your test center: Choose from 400+ locations worldwide.
  • Schedule your exam: Select your ideal date and time.
  • Confirm your booking: Double-check everything before finalizing.
  • Bonus Exam Day Tips For PTE Core
  • Fuel Up: Eat a good breakfast, and bring a light snack for later.
  • Dress for Comfort: Wear loose clothes for temperature control.
  • Arrive Early: Be at the test center 30 minutes before your time to avoid stress.
  • Bring ID: Show a valid passport for verification.
  • Security Check: Expect a photo & fingerprint scan.
  • Lockers are Available. Keep your belongings (phone, watch, bag, etc.) safe during the test.

PTE Core serves as a gateway to English proficiency, empowering individuals to unlock a world of opportunities and confidently pursue their aspirations. To ace this exam, you have to practice more and more. You can opt out of best practice software to help you in every aspect. 

Gurully is the best solution for your needs. You can choose it for your practice and confidently clear the exam. Our platform offers real-time exam simulations, ensuring thorough preparation and bolstering your chances of acing the exam. 

Our PTE Core Mock Tests elevate your preparation and propel you toward your target score. We go beyond basic content by offering question-wise and section-wise practice, allowing you to hone specific skills and identify areas that need extra attention. This targeted approach ensures that you’re not just practicing; you’re practicing effectively. 

Our authentic content closely mirrors the actual PTE Core exam, so you’ll experience the same format, question types, and time constraints you’ll encounter on test day.


Equipping yourself with strong English language skills is valuable in today’s globalized world. The PTE Core exam, specifically designed for those seeking permanent residency or citizenship in Canada, provides a convenient and reliable way to demonstrate your proficiency. This computer-based test assesses your abilities across four key areas: Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening.

By familiarizing yourself with the test format, practicing effective strategies for each section, and following key exam day tips, you can confidently approach the PTE Core exam and achieve the score you need to unlock your future opportunities in Canada.

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