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    Gurully – Your Ultimate Platform for Online English Language Proficiency Practice Test!

    Whether you are aiming at studying or working overseas or attaining permanent immigration, there are a lot of things that you need to work on. While most of us realize the importance of consistent practice and hard work, there are very few who comprehend that it is equally important to have the right mentor who does not just guide you to achieve your desired score but also helps you in achieving your dreams. Gurully is one such company that prefers to call itself a group of passionate learning experts instead and works to help millions of aspirants achieve their ‘overseas’ dream. We help the aspirants achieve their dreams by working…

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    CELPIP or CD-IELTS: Which English Proficiency Test is right for you?

    A big question for individuals traveling overseas whether for education prospects or other immigration reasons is whether to opt for CELPIP or CD-IELTS. For all those who are relatively new to either or both of the terms, CELPIP stands for the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program and CD-IELTS stands for Computer Delivered International English Language Testing System. Both the tests are designed with the motive of testing the proficiency of aspirants in English as a language and are helpful when one is applying for work-related immigration, permanent immigration, or study-related immigration. However, there are a few minor yet significant differences in the various aspects of the tests such as…

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    Pathway for your Overseas Education and its Prospect

    The importance of education is not unknown. We all know that education is the only tool that can help us to shape our future and earn a better living. But, when you have an overseas education, the outcomes are more promising and lucrative. Having a graduate or post-graduate degree from a reputed overseas university can leverage your career up to an unfathomable extent. Studying abroad is no longer a trend. It’s the need of the hour. This is in your checklist then this article is what you should refer to as it talks about the pathway to be followed for overseas education. Overseas Education – An Overview Overseas education was…

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    Advantages of Online PTE Coaching

    If you are looking to appear for the PTE Academic Exam this year but are too confused to make a choice between online and offline coaching, then you are at the right place! In this article here, we tell you all the advantages that online coaching has over offline coaching and why you should choose the former hands down! Advantages of online PTE Academic coaching Enjoy the flexibility One of the greatest advantages of choosing online PTE Academic coaching is that it leaves you with a lot of flexibility. A number of PTE Aspirants are taking the exam, alongside the other courses. The ability to learn online at their desired…

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    How Gurully has Taken Online Education to a Next Level?

    Education is one thing that shouldn’t be restricted by vague factors like caste, creed, and countries. It should be accessible to all without any discrimination. While ensuring so was a tough trail a decade ago, the onset of e-learning and related technologies has simplified the process up to a significant extent. Online education is the talk of the town, especially at present when the whole world is dealing with a precarious pandemic. COVID-19 is keeping all of us housebound. But that doesn’t mean learning shouldn’t be hindered with this. With the help of online education, scholars and learners can get hold of quality education right from the comfort of their…

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    Your Key to Success: Our one-to-one Online PTE Coaching

    Are you a PTE aspirant who wants to come up with flying colours? Do you need a personalized learning approach for the PTE exam? PTE or Pearson Test of English is one exam that can turn your dream of a bright future into reality. Famed across the world and accepted by almost every overseas academia, this exam tests the English proficiency of a non-native speaker. It thoroughly measures that English reading, writing, speaking, and listening capabilities and analysis how feasible for the aspirant to cross the seas for educational purposes. Though PTE seems a golden ticket, clearing it will great score is a tough nut to crack. Well, the credit…