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    Tips to Describe a Picture and Score Good in the Duolingo English Test

    Are you looking for distinct ways to describe a picture in your upcoming Duolingo test? You have come to the right place as this article aims to provide you with different examples and precious tips on elaborating on the image given on the test. Therefore, before moving to the description of an image, let’s check out the probable tips first. Tips on describing an image in the Duolingo English Test with the right samples and answers: The initial step is to kick-start the elucidation with your quick impression of the picture. After that, elaborate on the picture by saying its salient features in a line. The major tip to score…

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    Duolingo English Test,  Duolingo English Test Tips

    Guide to Prepare Well for the Duolingo English Test

    You must have heard of IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, and GRE! Besides these well-accredited English Proficiency Tests, many students globally prepare for Duolingo since it’s a widely accepted English Proficiency Exam. Although making a full-fledged Duolingo English Test study plan and preparation seems complicated because of the uniqueness of the test and its adaptive system, you will need to study hard to obtain your desired score. It costs only $49, and 1-hour is its exam duration. However, in today’s article, you will learn valuable tips for preparing for the Duolingo English Test. Let’s get started! Tip #1: Understand the exam rules The first thing to consider while preparing for the Duolingo…

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    Here is How You can Speed Up Your Typing Speed and Improve PTE Writing Score

    Unlike IELTS, which is both paper and computer-based, PTE is only computer-based. This could be a problem with people having no adequate computer competency and high typing speed. This one hindrance can stop you from scoring your desirable score as you end up leaving a few questions. Slow speed is manageable in the Reading and Listening sections, as most of the answers in these sections are one-word substitutions. But, you can mess up with the PTE Writing section with slow speed as this section involves essay writing and summarize written text. If you are also slow on the keyboard and don’t want to lose PTE just because of this, read…

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    PTE Grammar: How To Ace Gerunds

    English is indeed a very confusing language. With varying grammar rules, confusing spellings, and tons of exceptions, it can give jitters to new learners. For a non-native learner, the struggle is real. If you want to ace your PTE score, you need to work upon gerunds, as they are everywhere and account for a huge part of PTE Grammar. In this post, you’ll learn about some expert tips and tricks that you can use to master gerunds and improve your performance in the PTE exam. So, let’s get started. Gerunds – Where They Are Useful For PTE Exam Gerunds are the words ending with-ing and acting as a verb. They…

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    Read This Before You Think of Re-evaluation and Retaking of PTE Exam

    Things don’t fall as we suppose them to be. Even if you’ve burned the midnight oil and given your blood and sweat, your PTE exam score can be lower than your expectations. PTE is a computer-based English competency exam. Both the exam conduction and evaluation are done using computers. This is why error possibilities are very less. But, to err is both human and machine. So, if you’ve got a gut feeling that your score isn’t justifying the efforts and performance, don’t hesitate. Go for a re-evaluation and retake. Gladly, PTE has a very friendly approach on this front. Here is what you need to know about your PTE exam…

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    Duolingo English Test,  Duolingo English Test Tips

    A Comprehensive Guide to Duolingo English Exam: Eligibility, Structure, and other requirements

    Like TOEFL and GRE, the Duolingo exam is another English proficiency test accepted by various international universities. The Duolingo exam score can be used to find a job, boost your knowledge, and get admission to any overseas university. Are you willing to prove your English language proficiency? Then, you can take this test, which can be downloaded online anytime. Duolingo exam, being a cost-efficient option, doesn’t need you to travel to another location; instead, you can complete it in your home’s comfort. If you want to know more about this exam, keep reading. This article will give you nitty-gritty information about the Duolingo exam, including its syllabus, eligibility criteria, exam…