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How Gurully Mock Tests Works: Way to Avail Free PTE Mock Test and More

One can’t agree more that acing in the PTE test is possible by having an in-depth understanding of the subject matter, attention to detail, and the ability to match the running clock.

Time and again, mock tests have proved themselves to help a PTE aspirant to seize all these success-driven factors. And mock tests of Gurully are leading this front. In this post, we’ll help you understand how these mock tests work. So, let’s get started.

Registration is the first step

Before one starts honing English competency and gaining confidence to score amazingly in the PTE test, using the Gurully mock tests, one has to complete the registration process. It is an easy job. Here are the process steps:

Step 1 –  Select the product and provide accurate credentials like name, and password and click on submit button to begin the registration process.


Enter the right Email and click on the “Get OTP” button.


The provided Email needs to be verified. Users will receive the 4-digit code on their registered Email Id.


Enter this code, and now your email is verified. Click on submit button.



Step 2 – Enter the right WhatsApp no. Click on the “Get WhatsApp OTP” button.



The provided WhatsApp No needs to be verified. Users will receive the 4-digit code on their registered WhatsApp No.


Enter this code, and now your Phone No is verified. Click on submit button.



Step 3 – Now You are successfully registered. Login using the verified email, and password.


To complete your profile select country and state.



Step 4 – Gurully now needs to know the targeted score that any PTE aspirant wants to secure. There are multiple score details are provided. As any score above 79 is the mark of success, choosing 79+ is highly suggested.


Just like that, the registration is done. The next screen that will be on your device will look like this.


This is the dashboard providing a comprehensive view of the user profile. As you can see, there is a “Free Scored Mock Test” section on the top of the dashboard.

The moment you will click on the “Start Practice” option, a whole list of provided mock tests will be on display. The first mock test is free. Attempt it.




We did the first mock test.


As you can see, the mock test was 02:023:00 hours long and featured 57 questions. It looks like the actual PTE test which is a great thing as candidates will be able to have a close encounter with the real-world exam.

Know the performance

Taking up a mock test is not the only thing that any PTE aspirant needs to come up with flying colors. One has to have a detailed performance analysis to figure out the loopholes and mend them before D-day.

Gurully assists in this as well. After completing the mock test, click on the “ Result” section. A detailed report will be in front of you.


Not only the total score is provided, but there is a skill-wise assessment report is also offered.

Such kind of detailed assessment is helpful to figure out strong and weak areas. Having this knowledge beforehand lets the test-taker improve the final performance.

Get the accurate answers

Gurully mock tests provide detailed answers to the included questions. It enriches the test-taker’s knowledge and helps to have a basic understanding of the concepts used in the answers.


Analyze the performance

How much work needs to be done? How far is the aspirant from the goal? Which area needs more work? These and many more are the answers that Gurully offers with each of its mock tests.

Candidates can also figure out whether or not they can match the exam pace.

One of the most notable things is that there are expert tips and tricks that are also provided to each test-taker. These tricks and tips can be used to hone up the skills related to weak areas and double-up the success rate.


Hone a particular skill or question type

So, you lack in one particular skill or a specific question type and need to gain mastery over that. Don’t worry. The Gurully platform can help you with this as well. There are section-wise and question-type-wise practice tests as well.




Clearly, these mock tests are here to help PTE aspirants in the best possible manner. Give them a shot and you won’t be disappointed. After trying the free mock test, one can purchase mock test kits as well. Considering the assistance and quality of mock tests, the price is very affordable.

So, don’t wait for anymore. Bring your dreams into reality with Gurully PTE mock tests.

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