Duolingo English Test

Duolingo English Test has been updated with The New Format

DUOLINGO revised the structure of their test, adding and removing certain sections. The DUOLINGO English Test Format changes are listed below for your review.

  1. Removed Listen & Select Question Type
  2. Speaking Sample score is contributed to the overall score.
  3. New Interacting Listening Question Type added.

In this question, There are two Interactive Listening scenarios on the test.

Listen and Respond:

This question type requests that you “Select the best response” or “Pick the best option to start the conversation.” You will read a scenario that sets the scene for this task, participate in an interaction, and choose the best responses to the other speaker’s turn.

Total Questions: 5-6
Timing: 4 minutes

Summarize the Conversation:

This question type asks you to “Summarize the conversation you just had in 75 seconds.” In this task, you will write a summary of the Listen and Respond conversation.

Total Question: 1
Timing: 75 seconds
Subscore Contribution: LITERACY, PRODUCTION

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