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Expert Tips to Score Super-high in Duolingo English Test – Speaking Section

The Duolingo English Proficiency Test is one type of unique exam evaluating a candidate’s English literacy, reading comprehension, drawing, and productivity. This computer-based exam ranges from 10-160 points. Unlike other English Language Exams, including IELTS, TOEFL, and GRE, Duolingo is only one hour long and cheap.

Like those other English proficiency exams, Duolingo has 4 sections: Reading, writing, speaking and listening. Are you nervous about the speaking section of Duolingo? You must not be when you have these 7 tips from experts. Let’s get started.

The Different Speaking Question Types on the Duolingo English Test

The independent tasks need students to partake in debate or elaborate on something, showcasing a more lengthy knowledge of writing and their language skills. Are you wondering what precisely you need to do? However, let’s have a glance at the distinct speaking tasks:

  • One picture description task.
  • Three individualistic speaking tasks.
  • One with listening prompts.
  • Two with written prompts.

Top 7 Expert Tips for Duolingo English Test Proficiency

Tip #1: Bypass Using Uncommon Words

You might want to sound fancy with the complex and bigger words while speaking. But, it’s recommended not to use those complicated words you’re unfamiliar with. It’s because while using those words while constructing sentences, you might mispronounce or put those words incorrectly in a sentence, which might bar you from getting the desired score. Instead, you can use vocabulary which you’re well-acquainted with and pertinent to the topic.

Tip #2: Don’t Bother About Your Accent

If you can interact well with native English speakers, your accent is nothing to worry about! But you should be mindful of the English sounds you might have problems with and be sure about using English pronunciation features, such as intonation and stress.

Tip #3: Extend Your Answers

Mainly, there will be 2-3 questions within one speaking prompt. Hence, you need to unfold your answers by delivering examples or reasons for your opinions. If your answers are short, this showcases Duolingo that you can’t discuss a topic in detail.

Tip #4: Use a Broad Range of Grammatical Arrangements

When Duolingo evaluates your speaking skills, they utilize the below-mentioned assessment measures:

  • The wide array of word preferences, for example, lexical diversity.
  • The preciseness of your grammar, such as grammatical accuracy.
  • How much you can write or say in a limited time, such as assessing your fluency.
  • The level and variety of your grammar, such as grammatical intricacy.
  • The pace and pronunciation, for example, the acoustic features.
  • How amazingly you answered the question which was asked.

In order to obtain a high Duolingo score, you can try using a range of grammatical structures by using simple and complex sentences. In addition, you’re marked on your capability to use distinct grammatical structures precisely. Hence, it’s imperative to practice discussing the past, present, and future using the right tenses.

Tip #5: Steer Clear of Using Fillers

You need to speak confidently and steer clear of using filler words. Fillers are mainly used when we don’t know how to answer mindfully. Therefore, your inclination toward using filler words will show Duolingo that you can’t access the right ideas or language. It would be better to avoid using fillers significantly to improve your score.

Tip #6: Never try to Memorize Duolingo English Exam Answers

The memorized language never shows the right benchmark for judging your English-language proficiency. The AI marking system can easily identify if you have memorized your answers or not. So, you will be disqualified promptly.

Tip #7: Keep practicing common Duolingo English Test Topics

The most ordinary topics you can practice for speaking include the internet, travel and tourism, family life, retail, advertising, education, crime, and punishment. You need to read, speak, and then listen, and after that, speak questions on the exam need you to talk about a topic for 30-90 seconds approx.


A successful interaction always counts on integrating your skills. In today’s article, we have shown you the best expert-recommended tips for speaking with ease and getting the most out of the English language with Duolingo. So, what are you worried about? Start practicing the Duolingo practice test today and fulfill your dream of entering a world-class foreign university.

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