Complete Guide to Computer-based test for IELTS

A computer-delivered IELTS test has drastically improved the candidate’s experience over its traditional paper-based format. So, the CD-IELTS has made a significant difference in the candidate’s life! It’s pretty amazing to drive forward with the emerging trends. Initially, it was 2017 when the CD-IELTS test was rolled in!

Within a few times, it was broadly appreciated and embraced by over 20 countries globally. However, the leading aspect of this CD-IELTS test is the four modules of the test, such as reading, listening, writing, and speaking, are executed on the same day! So, are you interested in knowing the nitty-gritty factors of CD-IELTS?

Read on now to better picture the CD-IELTS test!

CD-IELTS: Overview

Often, the first-time IELTS candidates have a dilemma about the similarities and differences between the CD-IELTS and paper-based IELTS. The tech-savvy candidates choose this CD-IELTS, and it’s pretty identical to the paper-based IELTS in respect of timings, marking task types, and content. However, as CD-IELTS is what we are discussing today, have a look at the questions below:

Is the CD-IELTS test marking criterion the same?

The test pattern of CD-IELTS is 100% similar to the paper-based exam. All you need to type your answers on a computer screen instead of writing on paper.

Can you make notes during the CD-IELTS?

CD-IELTS offers a highlight and note-taking function. You could also jot down notes on the login details sheets you get at the beginning of the test.

Why do you choose CD-IELTS?

  • Study materials
    Various candidates need more time to get familiarized with the IELTS exam pattern. However, the available IELTS study materials and sample papers from Gurully help the aspirants understand the pattern. Hence, our CD-IELTS test practice online is your savior.

  • Faster results
    If you’re looking for a rapid score after the exam completion, the CD-IELTS exam is for you! A candidate will achieve the scorecard within 5-6 days.
    In brief, the motto of offering CD-IELTS is for those candidates who’re more familiar with typing than writing. So, if you like to type and have speed, choosing CD-IELTS is the best way.

Pros of CD-IELTS: Listening Section

  • Candidates can change between the IELTS listening sections in the test.
  • Text highlighting is effortless in CD-IELTS.

Pros of CD-IELTS: Writing Section

  • One can edit the ILETS writing answers by copying, cutting, and pasting.
  • There is no need to count the words as the system will provide you with this automatically.

Pros of CD-IELTS: Reading Section

  • Answers can be highlighted as needed.
  • Convenient test formats, such as CD-IELTS reading questions, will be on the left side and answers on the right.

Pros of CD-IELTS: Speaking Section

  • Examiners ask questions according to the proficiency of the candidates.
  • Strengths and weaknesses are thoroughly noticed during the speaking test.


If you’re wondering about booking a CD-IELTS test Visit IELTS official website. First, to book your slot, you need to log on and register, select between IELTS General or academic, and select the desired location, time, and date. Lastly, fill out your personal details and passport-sized scanned photo, and finish the process by paying the fees. If you are looking for a platform that helps you with your CD-IELTS practice then Gurully is the right choice for you. Just signup at the Gurully platform and get a free IELTS mock test for your preparations

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