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British or American – Which English Should You Pick For IELTS Exam

When you decide to take up the IELTS test to prove your hold over the English language as a non-native speaker, understand that many factors should be assessed closely to win over the exam. One such crucial aspect is choosing the exam language medium.

IELTS accepts both British and American English. Both colour and color are correct in the exam. But, which one should you pick? If that’s the question bothering you for long, let’s help you out.

Understand The Differences

Even though UK and US English are two types of one language, there are considerable differences in their spelling, pronunciation, and grammatical rule level. So, don’t consider that they both are the same.

For instance, I need to use a lift to reach the 14th floor of the flat will become

I need to use an elevator to reach the 14th floor of the apartment in US English. It’s just an example. If compared extensively, both these versions will stand a mile away from each other.

British or American English – Which One To Pick

Honestly, this is a tough question to answer as it depends on multiple factors. For instance, the dominant English version in your region.

As per History, the UK once ruled almost all over the world, including parts of Asia and Australia. Europe and Africa. So, natives of these regions are familiar with UK English. Their first encounter with English was with UK English. In fact, in many parts of Asia like India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, UAE, and many more.

UK English is used as a means of communication and general education. Hence, if you belong to these countries, it’s better to go with UK English.

Australian English is very much similar to UK English. So, if you’re taking IELTS to settle or study in Australia, go with UK English only.

US English is a great option if you belong to South America and non-English regions of North America. Here, whatever the exposure to English you must have as a non-English speaker or learner would be to US English. So, it would be easy for you to deal with the exam.

Now, let’s talk about Canada. Many non-native speakers take the IELTS test to settle down or study in Canada. It’s a hub of immigrants and students. In 2021, Canada welcomed 401,000 new permanent residents. So, we won’t be surprised if you happen to take up the IELTS exam to move to Canada as almost every 4 out of 10 IELTS aspirants is doing so.

As Canada is in close proximity to the US, it’s obvious it has a high influence on US English. But, most of the immigrants that come to Canada are from Asia and Europe, which were under the influence of UK English. So, you can pick whatever you feel comfortable with.

Can you mix both English versions?

No, you need to pick one and stick to it. The IELTS examiner doesn’t bother whether you use UK or US English. But, the examiner will certainly mark whether or not you’ve stuck to one version as it’s easy to access the performance. So, pick one.

Take the help of IELTS practice papers to Decide.

The best way to make a wise decision is to take up free IELTS practice papers. As these IELTS mock tests are based on real-time patterns, you will be able to find out which version aligns the most with your goal. Not only will it help you conclude, but also help you check your current competency level in English. So, take up IELTS mock tests, and find your compatible version of English.

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