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How to reset Password/Forgot Password?

How to Reset your Admin Password? - The Quick Guide🚀 

🔐 Forgotten your Institute Admin Panel password? No worries, it's a piece of cake!

🍰 Follow our quirky guide to reset it:

 1️⃣: Click "Admin Login" and pick "Forgot Password?" 🚪

 2️⃣: Enter your registered email and hit "Reset Your Password."📧

 3️⃣: Check your email, and POW! Hit the "RESET PASSWORD" button inside.📬

 4️⃣: Input your Email and create a new password.🛡️

 5️⃣: Ta-da! Use your fresh password to unlock your Institute admin panel!🎉

Voilà! You've reset your password like a champ! If your brain does a little wiggle dance with questions or needs help, give us a shout through Call, WhatsApp, or Email. We're your friendly tech heroes, here to save the day! 🦸‍♂️💻🦸‍♀️