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How to Evaluate CD-IELTS Results?

Let's quickly learn how to evaluate CD-IELTS results!🖼️

1️⃣: Click on "Results" 📊

First, find and click on the "Results" tab.

2️⃣: Choose "IELTS" 📝

Once you're there, select "IELTS" from the options. You'll see a list of IELTS results waiting for evaluation, as well as those that have been evaluated.

Please note: Reading and Listening sections are automatically checked, but Speaking and Writing need manual evaluation. You can check the scores in the video.

3️⃣: Evaluate Speaking and Writing 🗣️📝

Take a look at the Speaking and Writing answers provided by the student. Evaluate them according to the guidelines shown in the video.

4️⃣: Check the Status ✅

The status will let you know if the result is still pending or if it's done. Once you've evaluated and assigned bands for Speaking and Writing, the status will change to Done.

5️⃣: Inform the Student 📢

Once the evaluation is complete, you can let your student know that their result is ready.

Boom! That's all it takes to evaluate CD-IELTS results!

If you need any help along the way, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

Thank You