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Why PTE for Australia?

You must have heard often that success in PTE or Pearson Test of English can open the door to endless opportunities spread across Australia. But why PTE and not IELTS?

Both are highly famed English proficiency exams assisting non-native speakers in firming their feet in the world of native speakers. Thousands of universities/colleges and hundreds of countries accept the score of these two exams. Then why is PTE preferred when the destination is Australia?

If you don’t know the answer, just scroll down.

PTE for Australia

PTE or Pearson Test of English is a section-wise language proficiency exam, designed to assess the speaking, writing, listening, and reading ability of a non-native speaker. Anyone willing to settle, study, or work in an English-dominating world must grab the desired score in this exam to prove mastery over English.

Why PTE When Target Is Australia?

IELTS and TOEFL are the most notable counterparts of PTE. As all these three exams serve the same purpose and are hardly differ from each other, aspirants might feel puzzled to pick one. Well, we will not hesitate to declare that PTE is far better than any other English proficiency test for Australian aspirants. However, to pass any, it is better to consider the PTE practice test or online IELTS mock test (according to your choice of the exam) to study well.

We have valid reasons for proclaiming the above. See them here:

  • PTE is recognized by DHA and 100% Australian Universities

    Would you like to suffer just because the exam score is applicable for certain categories and colleges? Of course not. But, you might face this with options like IELTS and TOEFL as they are not acceptable under all situations.

    PTE brings peace of mind at this front as DHA accepts its score for all the offered visa categories. So, whether you need to travel to Australia for work or study, you can apply to the desired category with PTE.

    If you want to explore Australia for study then PTE is a great choice to make as every Australian University and college accepts a PTE score. So, you won’t need to feel tense about it. Once you have a passing score on the PTE exam, you are all set to explore every single university in Australia.

  • PTE is a convenient option

    Other than being widely recognized, there is one more thing that makes PTE a preferred choice and it is its convenience. It’s a fully automated and computerized exam. There is no manual handling. Hence, test-takers can have faith in its authenticity. The IELTS exam demands a speaking section to be taken in front of an actual evaluator. The evaluation can get biased.

    IELTS is offered in a pen-paper format in a few centers, which is cumbersome. The focus of the IELTS exam is one stretching the fundamentals of the test-taker and making them learn English with perfection.

    PTE deals with a conversational aspect of English and demands efforts that are enough to thrive in an English-speaking environment. It does not demand one to be an English doyen. So, the success rate is higher in the PTE exam.

  • It can help you instantly

    Few plans can be shaped strategically while few are made abruptly. If you also made a haste plan to study or work in Australia then PTE is a better choice as it doesn’t demand prior planning and needs exam pre-booking in advance.

    PTE can help you even if you register a day before the exam day. It can be taken all through the year. The result will be declared within 5-7 business days. So, if you need English proficiency proof in a hurry then PTE is a better option.

How Much PTE Score Is Enough To Enter Australia?

Now that it’s clear PTE is a smart move to make while Australia is a dream destination of an aspirant, it’s time to figure out how much a score can help you break into the opportunity-filled world of Australia.

In general, a PTE score from 64-78 is ideal and can help you meet the majority of visa, immigration, study, and work-related requirements. Still, admission scores can vary and it’s better to cross-check with the relative university before applying.

Keep in mind that one has to score a minimum of 50 in the minimum section for grabbing a seat at an institute of repute in Australia. The section-wise score doesn’t have any impact on PR and immigration requirements.

65 points are enough to process your Australia PR application. For professionals seeking approval for visa 189, 190, and 489 categories, the minimum score is 50 in each section.

There are further little score variations in the visa subclasses. So, know the criteria well in advance. The PTE score requirements for Vocational Education and Training (VET) programs are typically less stringent than regular courses.

Ending Notes

Australia has a lot to offer to you. So, don’t let English non-proficiency keep you away from grabbing those opportunities, gear yourself for PTE, nail it, and embark on your success journey. By choosing PTE over any other English proficiency exam, you make a wise move as its score is acceptable for all the visa categories and universities. You will widen up your score.

As the exam requires practice, try the PTE mock test free online with score to evaluate your skills and improve gradually.

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