Tips for Efficient Time Management during your CELPIP Test

Everyone knows that Canada has become a one-stop destination for immigrants and workers. Therefore, you must crack the CELPIP test to take one step toward your goal of obtaining a hassle-free VISA to Canada.

If you’re applying for permanent residency, the CELPIP-General Test is what you need to enroll in, evaluating reading, active listening, speaking, and writing skills. But when you want entrance for citizenship, enrolling in the CELPIP-General LS test is essential, which evaluates speaking proficiency and functional listening.

To juggle 4 vital parts of the CELPIP test, such as reading, listening, speaking, and writing, time management is critical in the exam hall! So, here are the top time management tips mentioned below for your ease. Let’s get straight to it.

The Test Format of CELPIP General

The CELPIP General Test assesses your English reading, speaking, listening, and writing, which takes 3 hours to finish. The exam is performed online, and it’s broken into 4 sections:

  • Reading, where you have to go through the passages and answer relevant questions (55-60 minutes).
  • Speaking, where you will reply to the on-screen questions (15-20 minutes).
  • Listening, where you will listen to the passages and answer different questions (45-55 minutes).
  • Writing, where you need to write answers for the given questions (53-60 minutes)

The Test Format of CELPIP General LS

The CELPIP – LS online exam assesses your English speaking and listening skills, which takes approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes to complete. However, the test is divided into two sections:

  • Speaking, where you verbally reply to on-screen prompts (15-20 minutes).
  • Listening, where you carefully listen to the passages and answer the given questions (47-55 minutes).

Time Management during CELPIP Test

CELPIP tests are meant to challenge you as they have two vital instruments, time constraints, and difficulty. This is how it’s vital for your success that you know how to adjust the time precisely to solve the tasks.

The most substantial thing you should know is that every section of the CELPIP test possesses a predetermined time, and each of the parts has a preset time. You will be given one chance to answer the questions, and you must not leave anything blank. After that, the test page will quickly switch to the next page. 

In order to help you get through this, the best time management tips are shown below:

How to Manage Time during the Reading section?

It contains 38 questions overall, and this time is divided into 4 tasks. So, you will get 9-13 minutes for every isolated task. Within these time constraints, you will have to remove the text granted quickly and answer the MCQs.

How to Manage Time during the Listening section?

This section contains 38 questions altogether, and the section is divided into 6 parts. Therefore, you will obtain 5-8 minutes to answer each. The recording will be of 3 minutes. The best way to boost your listening ability is to listen to podcasts and develop the listening concentration, comprehension, and attention span needed to keep going with the narrative.

How to Manage Time during the Speaking section?

It includes 8 sections, and each section containing questions will be presented with a 30-seconds preparation slide. As the time starts automatically, you will get 60-90 seconds to answer each question verbally.

In order to practice spoken English better, the two best ways are to talk about different topics and to provide extended and holistic answers in a shorter time frame. Also, you must maintain your focus while talking in a clamorous environment, as all the examiners will speak with the candidates in one room.

How to Manage Time during the writing section?

It is divided into two parts with pre-assigned word counts for them. You need to concentrate on writing and then arrange it accordingly. Also, set aside 3-4 minutes for proofreading to ensure top-notch quality.


In a nutshell, the CELPIP test is available at over 50 locations throughout Canada and internationally. Therefore, with good time management tips, you can successfully ace the CELPIP exam and get quick immigration to your dream location in Canada. The CELPIP exam time could be broken down into three parts: pre-exam, preparation, and performance time management. The key to obtaining desirable scores in CELPIP is practice and adequate preparation.

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