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Secret To Score 70+ In PTE Exam Revealed: Expert Advice

Imagine a world overflowing with amazing chances to learn and grow! That’s exactly what’s happening. Since 2019, there has been an increase in the number of students, around 24%, who are choosing to settle abroad. 

Australia and Canada offer students incredible opportunities, and it’s no wonder so many of you are chasing your dreams by going global! Your dream university or that perfect job abroad might be just a PTE exam away. 

The Pearson PTE Exam throws a variety of tasks your way – reading comprehension, listening skills, speaking fluency, and written expression – all with the goal of evaluating your overall English proficiency. 

So, We’ve assembled a dream team of PTE experts to answer your most pressing question: 

“With a target score of 70, which section or question type should I focus on to slay the PTE?” 

Buckle up and prepare to be battle-ready with the insights from these PTE masters! 

Roman Shauk 

Founder & CEO, EducateMe

PTE Expert

“Focus on the Speaking and Writing sections, especially the tasks “Describe the Image” and “Write the Essay,” if you are aiming for a score of 70 in the PTE. The responses of these sections not only test linguistic competence but also critically test your ability to put your thoughts in order and respond within a set time limit. 

And that’s not all; the “Describe Image” task of the Speaking section is another task that can really affect your overall score being very important since it tests fluency, pronunciation, and description. To do really well, practice regularly, use a lot of different study materials, and try to get feedback from friends or tutors to improve and gain confidence.”

Connor Ondriska

CEO, SpanishVIP

PTE Expert

“Hola! My name is Connor Ondriska, I am the CEO and E-learning expert from SpanishVIP. We are an award-winning online platform that provides high-quality Spanish classes serving students all over the world.

In the PTE exam, the three main sections are Speaking & Writing, Reading, and Listening. Within these sections, there are various question types that assess different language skills. Considering your target score of 70, it is essential to prioritize the sections that have a higher impact on the final score.

One section that carries significant weight is the Speaking & Writing section. This section is divided into multiple question types, such as Read Aloud, Repeat Sentence, Describe Image and Essay Writing. To excel in this section, focus on improving your fluency, pronunciation, and grammar skills. 

Practice speaking English regularly to enhance your comfort level and clarity while delivering responses. Work on developing strong writing skills to effectively convey your thoughts and ideas in the essay tasks. Devoting ample time and effort to this section can greatly contribute to your overall score.

The Reading section is another area where you should dedicate considerable effort. This section evaluates your reading comprehension skills through question types such as Multiple-choice, Reorder Paragraphs, and Fill in the Blanks. 

To excel in reading, practice active reading techniques, such as skimming and scanning, to quickly grasp the main ideas and locate specific information. Enhance your vocabulary by reading a variety of texts and expose yourself to different writing styles. 

Developing effective time management skills during the exam is also crucial to ensure you can answer all the questions within the given timeframe. Listening section may require slightly less emphasis compared to the Speaking & Writing and Reading sections. However, it is still vital to practice and improve your listening skills to perform well in this section. 

Question types in the Listening section include Summarize Spoken Text, Multiple-choice, and Highlight Correct Summary. Focus on enhancing your ability to comprehend spoken English by listening to various sources such as podcasts, audiobooks, and news broadcasts. 

Pay attention to key details, take effective notes, and practice paraphrasing to succeed in the Listening section.”

Brijesh Dhanani

Co-Founder, Gurully

Brijesh, Gurully

“Students aiming for a high score of 70 on the PTE exam should prioritise practising specific question types that comprehensively assess their English skills. While all tasks are important, focusing on:

  • Write from Dictation: This hones your ability to accurately capture spoken information, a crucial skill for academic settings.
  • Read Aloud & Repeat Sentence: These assess pronunciation, clarity, and fluency, all essential for clear communication.
  • Reading & Writing: Fill in the Blanks & Listening Fill in the Blanks: These test your vocabulary comprehension and grammar in context while reading and listening.

By mastering these question types, you’ll strengthen your:

  • Listening Skills: You’ll become adept at catching critical details and understanding spoken language.
  • Vocabulary: You’ll expand your word bank by encountering and using new words in context.
  • Grammar: You’ll solidify your grasp of grammar rules through focused practice.”

Christa Robinson

Public Relations Coordinator, HighKey Agency

PTE Expert

“To achieve a target score of 70 and above on the PTE exam, students should focus primarily on the Speaking section, as it is the most difficult and often results in the lowest scores, which can significantly lower the overall score. 

Within this section, concentrate on the Read Aloud, Repeat Sentence, Describe Image, and Re-tell Lecture tasks to enhance pronunciation, fluency, and coherence. Additionally, in the Writing section, focus on Summarize Written Text and Essay Writing to ensure well-structured and concise responses. 

The Listening section’s Summarize Spoken Text and Highlight Correct Summary tasks are crucial for improving comprehension skills, while in the Reading section, prioritize Reading & Writing: Fill in the Blanks and Re-order Paragraphs to strengthen context understanding and grammar.

Regular practice with sample questions, identifying and improving weak areas, and effective time management will further boost performance and help achieve the desired score.”

Dedicating time to all question types across sections and effective time management is key to achieving your target score.


Think of these question types as mini-games that level up your English skills! The more you tackle them, the stronger your reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills become. This is like building a superhero suit of English abilities – the more you train, the better you’ll be for the PTE. 

Picture yourself CRUSHING the PTE with a score that shoots for the stars – past 70 and beyond! Consistent practice is your secret weapon to making that dream a reality. The more you work on these question types, the more confident and prepared you’ll feel on exam day.

So, it’s time to transform!! Practice with Gurully, and you’ll get a Free Mock Test to start your practice. 

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