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PTE Grammar: How To Ace Gerunds

English is indeed a very confusing language. With varying grammar rules, confusing spellings, and tons of exceptions, it can give jitters to new learners. For a non-native learner, the struggle is real. If you want to ace your PTE score, you need to work upon gerunds, as they are everywhere and account for a huge part of PTE Grammar.

In this post, you’ll learn about some expert tips and tricks that you can use to master gerunds and improve your performance in the PTE exam. So, let’s get started.

Gerunds – Where They Are Useful For PTE Exam

Gerunds are the words ending with-ing and acting as a verb. They are the noun form of a verb. For instance, I love sleeping. Here, the gerund is sleep, which is a noun form of a verb. It’s formed from a verb, sleep, but acting like a noun in this sentence. So, gerunds account for a vast usage in English grammar.

There are four sections of the PTE exam: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.

Gerunds are used widely in all these sections. For instance, you would be using them extensively in the Writing section while penning down an essay or text summary. In the Reading and Listening sections, gerunds are used widely in the Fill in the blanks section. They are used for image description and lecture re-telling, which are part of the Speaking section. In short, you’ll need gerunds extensively while attempting the PTE exam.

The Gerunds Facts And Tips

As you can’t ignore gerunds while attempting the PTE exam, you must learn some tips and tricks to master this grammar component. Here is how gerunds are used in English grammar.

  • As a subject
    Both gerunds and gerunds phrases are used as subjects in English grammar. For example:Dancing keeps me stress-free
    I feel refreshed after drinking coffee.
    In the first example, dancing is gerunds. In the second example, drinking doesn’t make any sense alone. It is followed by the noun, ‘coffee.’ So, drinking coffee is a gerund phrase.
  • As direct object
    The action of another verb impacts a direct object. For instance, I hate swimming. Here, the action is hate that is related to swimming. So, the gerund here is used as a direct object.

  • As objects of prepositions
    As we all know, prepositions are used to link nouns and pronouns. Gerunds are used to refer to this relationship.
    For instance, I love spending time at the library. Here, the preposition is at, and the gerund phrase is the library.

  • As subject complements
    The subject complement is the one that complements a linking word and points to the sentence subject.
    For instance, John’s expertise is in creating gaming software. Here, the linking word is ‘is’ and the gerund phrase is creating gaming software.
    From the above text, it’s clear that gerunds are used diversely and extensively. You can’t imagine completing your English speech and writing without gerunds. So, you have to have a strong grip over it.

Use PTE Practice Test Papers To Master Gerunds

Understanding the right usage of gerunds is a tough task. But don’t lose hope. You still have bright chances of using gerunds correctly if you take the help of a PTE practice test paper. They are practice papers featuring real-time questions. The time duration and exam format are the same as the actual time.

Gurully provides you a chance to access timed and expert-assessed PTE practice test that:

  • Help you spot the loopholes
  • Provide expert performance review
  • Improves your performance significantly

So, attempt them as much as possible, and you’ll find yourself comfortable with using gerunds. It will certainly improve your English speaking and writing skills, leading to a better PTE score. In a nutshell, PTE mock papers bring a lot to the table.

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