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Here is How You can Speed Up Your Typing Speed and Improve PTE Writing Score

Unlike IELTS, which is both paper and computer-based, PTE is only computer-based. This could be a problem with people having no adequate computer competency and high typing speed. This one hindrance can stop you from scoring your desirable score as you end up leaving a few questions.

Slow speed is manageable in the Reading and Listening sections, as most of the answers in these sections are one-word substitutions. But, you can mess up with the PTE Writing section with slow speed as this section involves essay writing and summarize written text. If you are also slow on the keyboard and don’t want to lose PTE just because of this, read the text below.

What’s The Ideal Speed?

Before we talk about ways to improve the speed, let’s talk about the speed you need to maintain to complete the test, especially in the Writing section.

In this section, the test-taker has to write a 200 to 300-word long essay in 20 minutes. Out of 20 minutes, keep 5 minutes aside for proofreading and editing. So, you have 15 minutes in hand. Calculating it, we learned that one has to write 16-17 words per minute. If you can’t pull this off, read the next section to improve the speed.

Practice is the only key

With more practice, you will improve your speed and have a deeper understanding of accurate essay writing skills. You also get a chance to deal with exam anxiety with more practice.

Now, the legit question here is, what’s a reliable source for the practice? Only verified and expert-created PTE mock test can help you in this. These practice papers are based on the previous PTE exam and follow the same real-time pattern.

 Learn the art and science of time management. So, attempt as many as possible PTE mock papers and improve the typing speed. 

  • Get familiar with the keyboard.
    Memorize the keyboard pattern and make a picture of the keyboard in your mind. The more familiarity you have with the keyboard, the higher would be the speed.

  • Take the help of touch software.
    There are some touch software solutions like TypingClub, TypeRacer, Klavaro Touch Typing Tutor, and Rapid Typing. These can help you improve your typing speed in a fun way. You can use them for sure.

  • Make use of all 10 Fingers.
    Most of us don’t use all 10 fingers while typing. It leads to poor speed. It will also result in finger pain. Speed won’t be an issue if you manage to use all your 10 fingers while typing.

  • Don’t look at the keyboard.
    Keep your eyes on the screen while typing. Eyes on the keyboard lead to more errors. This will take up more time for editing and proofreading. So, while you’re practicing for the PTE exam, try to keep your eyes on the screen.

  • Keep your arms on the table.
    You would be shocked to know that your arm position matters the most for typing speed. Keep your arms on the table and experience a significant change in speed.

The Final say

Getting prepared for the PTE exam demands attention and expertise in various factors. High typing speed is one of them. You can overcome the time management issue if you’ve good typing speed.

With proper practice, you can fix the typing issue. It acts as an ideal resource to get familiar with the exam pattern while improving the typing speed. In addition, you must also try to use all the 10 fingers, learn the typing hack with touch software, and learn about the ideal arm position.

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