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Tips to Describe a Picture and Score Good in the Duolingo English Test

Are you looking for distinct ways to describe a picture in your upcoming Duolingo test? You have come to the right place as this article aims to provide you with different examples and precious tips on elaborating on the image given on the test. Therefore, before moving to the description of an image, let’s check out the probable tips first.

Tips on describing an image in the Duolingo English Test with the right samples and answers:

  • The initial step is to kick-start the elucidation with your quick impression of the picture.
  • After that, elaborate on the picture by saying its salient features in a line.
  • The major tip to score 150-160 in the Duolingo exam is to start writing the moment you obtain the first impression, as you have only 1-minute at your hand.
  • You have to pay close attention to the foreground and background. Don’t forget to elaborate on the boring or vivid hues in the picture.
  • You need to discuss the people’s expressions in the image; talk about if they’re happy, exhilarated, or sad.
  • Use judgments or predictions about the image, such as, if it looks like it’s a historic building, you can describe it by saying that it seems that the public is enjoying it very much. Also, I believe that this shot was taken in the evening.
  • Use adjectives to give details of an object, person, or situation in the image. For example, a charismatic person, a dense forest, a gushing river, a renowned actor, etc.
  • Emphasize people’s expressions in the picture; describe their emotions, for example, enthusiastic, mirthful, bored, and agitated.
  • Give your best shot to craft a minimum of three sentences and utilize punctuation appropriately.

Describe pictures in the Duolingo English Test – Sample Answers

Sample Answer #1


It’s a close-up picture of three different-colored horses standing in a meadow with air flowing smoothly. The horses on the right and left sides are brown in color, and the middle one is black in color. Also, there is a tinge of white hues on their faces. In this picture, it can also be seen waving grass and little white flowers.

Sample Answer #2


This image illustrates a female teacher and a group of female students who have worn school dress in a classroom setup. That educator is sharing information or asking questions to her students in a standing position. The students are sitting on the ground, and the surrounding is lush green. Out of 6, two students are raising their hands to answer something.

Sample Answer #3


This picture illustrates a hot air balloon with a written ‘Pealz Gas’ in capital letters on it. The hot air balloon color is red, white, and yellow. Also, it’s in the middle of a plowed field – rising slowly towards the sky – with some trees visible from far behind it. A few things or people can be seen in the balloon’s basket. As the field is slant and the background has mountains, it can be said that the balloon is placed in a hill region.

Sample Answer #4


This image portrays a seal (or sea lion) with white whiskers. The aquatic animal is coming out of the water and has created waves around it. Its skin is wet and shiny. Looking at his sleepy eyes, it can be guessed that he is in a relaxed mood and the surroundings are not crowded. This Seal is swimming or enjoying its calm time during the day.

Sample Answer #5


This picture vividly illustrates an explicit blue lake enclosed by snow-capped mountains in the background and a lush green forest surrounding its waters. The shadows of the picturesque mountains, trees, and clean sky can be observed in the transparent water of the lake. Furthermore, maybe this picture was shot in the morning or afternoon when the mountain tops look filled with shiny ice.

Follow the tips above and check out the samples to better understand clearing the Duolingo Exam in one shot.

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