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Deducing How PTE Exam Setup Utilizes Artificial Intelligence

Are you one of those PTE aspirants willing to reach the coveted scores? So, you have to evaluate the PTE’s actual algorithm. Innumerable perceptions are there regarding such PTE’s Artificial Intelligence.

Every contender hustle about achieving the most wanted scores. Truth is, they can reach the target scores by proactively understanding the PTE’s algorithm. But, how could you know all the possible information on PTE’s AI? This article has all the answers to your problems!

Are you curious to take a brief look at PTE’s algorithm? Read the article to get a logical understanding of PTE’s algorithm.

Brief information about PTE’s Artificial Intelligence

On any specifically listed PTE website like Gurully or over the internet, the sole question that everyone keeps asking is, Are there any available sources on the internet that claims to invade the PTE’s real algorithm? The answer is simply “No!”

The major reason is that every examiner is first introduced to the communicative skills and knows the types of questions. But, a few only observe the significance and insights required to understand its enabling proficiencies.

Before getting started, let’s check out what the PTE scorecard holds for you! However, it would be best to stay focused to obtain your targeted scores in Enabling and communicative skills. Follow the top three steps, which are shown below:

Step #1: Understand the significance of enabling proficiencies that affect the Software for Scoring (80%)

The top-notch six enabling skills are there, which are:

Fluency: A clear and consistent voice tone

Grammar: Flawless Grammar while saying more complex sentences

Spelling: Follow the spelling rules while writing

Written Discourse: Appropriate word length and punctuations

Vocabulary: Writing Academic words

Pronunciation: Speak transparently

Step #2: Know all the questions types of communicative skills and concentrate more on associated tasks

There are various modules in the PTE Enabling test, which are:

  • Read aloud
  • Describe image
  • Repeat sentence
  • Retelling lecture
  • Answering short questions
  • Writing essay
  • Summarize written text
  • RW: Fill in the blanks
  • Multiple choice, single answer
  • Multiple choice, multiple answers
  • Reorder paragraph
  • Reading: Fill in the blanks
  • Summarize spoken text
  • Listening: Multiple choice single answer
  • Listening: Multiple choice multiple answers
  • Highlight correct summary
  • Listening: Fill in the blanks
  • Select missing word
  • Highlight incorrect words
  • Write from Dictation

Step #3: Understand how to do software assessment

The software contains more than 10000 writing sample answers. Moreover, it has also preserved over 10000 recorded voices in distinct accents. This software analyzes your writing to a large number of samples. Therefore, again evaluate your score range in terms of the given performance.

In order to grasp better, refer to the example below:

Let’s take the example of two candidates who appeared for PTE writing, where one of the candidates scored 90 and the other one obtained 78. Hence, the first candidate has explicitly mentioned all the complex sentences and also used correct punctuations.

Moreover, he/she may also have maintained the necessary word count. In comparison, the other candidate may have missed out on any of the aforementioned factors. So, this has made the software compare the stored write-ups.

Therefore, the write-up submitted by the second candidate would not have fulfilled the comparison criteria.

The Final Say

It is expected that the article is helpful enough to mitigate your curiosity based on understanding the PTE fundamentals and also the algorithm. Do you want to gain more insightful knowledge about the PTE exam and the algorithm? You may turn to the best AI-enabled online exam practice platforms, like Gurully, in order to study well for your PTE examination.

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