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CELPIP or CD-IELTS: Which English Proficiency Test is right for you?

A big question for individuals traveling overseas whether for education prospects or other immigration reasons is whether to opt for CELPIP or CD-IELTS. For all those who are relatively new to either or both of the terms, CELPIP stands for the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program and CD-IELTS stands for Computer Delivered International English Language Testing System.

Both the tests are designed with the motive of testing the proficiency of aspirants in English as a language and are helpful when one is applying for work-related immigration, permanent immigration, or study-related immigration. However, there are a few minor yet significant differences in the various aspects of the tests such as the duration of the test, the level of its difficulty, result, location, price, and test availability.

Most of the time, it is the above-mentioned differences that help an aspirant to make up the final choice between CELPIP and CD-IELTS.

So in case if you are also one of those who are confused about whether to take up CELPIP or CD-IELTS for immigration purposes, here’s all that you need to know.

CELPIP vs. CD-IELTS – Differences and Similarities

  • Both IELTS and CELPIP are meant to test the proficiency of aspirants in English as a language.
  • CELPIP is a complete computer based-test while IELTS is available both in a paper-based format as well as a computer-based format.
  • IELTS has no specific time duration but CELPIP is a test designed for 3 hours.
  • CELPIP is meant only for the aspirants aspiring to go to Canada while IELTS caters to many countries where English is a native language.
  • In the case of both CELPIP and IELTS, the results are declared within two weeks of the exam.
  • IELTS tests theoretical proficiency in English but CELPIP tests the functional English of an aspirant.
  • The scores from the IELTS test are accepted by more number of schools than CELPIP.
  • CELPIP scores can help in applying for citizenship.
  • Both exams can be easily taken across several locations in India. Considering the factor of price, the IELTS test is a little more expensive when compared to CELPIP.
  • Aspirants can attempt the CELPIP practice test as well as the IELTS practice test to know the real exam structure and preparation purpose.

Once you know all the above factors related to IELTS and CELPIP, it gets easier to opt for a test depending on your personal preferences. Decide on the country you are thinking to move to, whether you are comfortable with a computer-based or a paper-based test, whether you are looking for citizenship or not etc. and you will have your answer!

Whether it is CELPIP or IELTS, you will need a set of proficiency skills, regular practice, and a mentor to show you the right direction. And Gurully has it all!

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