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6 Things you MUST not do while Learning the English Language

If you are learning the English Language, we are sure you must have got umpteen suggestions and tips to learn the language faster and competently.

But learners are often not told what they must avoid when learning the English Language. So here, we suggest some of the things you must avoid if you want to speed up the English Language learning process.

What all you MUST not do while learning the English Language?

  1. Do not limit the learning only to your classroom.
    The first thing that you need to stop doing immediately is to limit the learning only to the classroom. Remember that learning any language, not just the English Language is a non-stop process and must not end inside the classroom.
  2. Do not shy away from using the language in front of others
    Now that you have taken the plunge to learn English, there should be no stopping you from achieving your goal, even if that means speaking whatever you have learned with the people around you. Remember, you are not allowed to feel shy or be afraid of making mistakes. Learning a new language is about practice, practice and more practice.
  3. Do not believe ‘English is difficult!!’
    Once you set your foot forward to learn the language, stop believing anyone telling you that learning English is difficult. Remember that you can do just anything you put your mind to. Many think English is difficult to understand due to different pronunciations, accents, spellings, and diverse grammar rules. But it should be noted how English is spoken worldwide and is among the most spoken languages worldwide. This itself goes to prove that English is not so difficult after all.
  4. Do not compare yourself to other learners.
    While this is true for any other learning process, remember not to compare yourself with other learners, specifically when learning English. Learning English is a personal process you cannot compare with anyone. So be gentle and kind to yourself and enjoy the learning process as you would enjoy learning to drive or swim.
  5. Do not let grammar get in the way of learning.
    The rules of English Grammar are meant to help understand the basics of the language. However, it has been noticed that when the learners begin to use the language (speaking or writing), the same rules tend to confuse them. The idea is to use grammar to simplify the language without getting entangled in the rules. So start using the more straightforward rules first and then add the ones that might be confusing.
  6. Do not postpone speaking in English.
    Once you are in the process of learning the language, do not postpone the opportunity of speaking to others in English. You might do this with the fear of making mistakes or feeling shy to use the language. Either way, you will defeat the primary purpose of learning the language.


Learning the English language is a journey that requires dedication and perseverance. By avoiding these common mistakes, you can optimize your learning experience and progress more effectively. Remember to practice regularly, minimize reliance on translations, embrace listening and speaking opportunities, understand the cultural context, and embrace mistakes as learning opportunities. With consistent effort and the right mindset, you can become a fluent English speaker and open doors to countless opportunities. Online Practice platforms such as Gurully.com play a vital role in learning English. Use them as a friend, philosopher and guide.

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