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How to prepare for PTE? Best Question Type Tips to Get a Higher Score

Are you one of those diligent aspirants who want to score high in the PTE exam?

Pearson Academic Test is an automated AI-scoring-enabled exam. As you’re willing to know its scoring criterion, this article has you covered! Regardless of other English proficiency tests, its scoring pattern is different. An intricate AI algorithm modulates the PET test’s scoring pattern.

PTE delivers precise, objective, and relevant English proficiency test results. So, you need a thoughtful approach for your effortless goal achievement, implying which question types to focus on! Hence, when you start Online PTE Coaching, target this first.

The most useful PTE Tips and Tricks to score Maximum in the PTE exam in 2024

  1. The questionnaire of the PTE test is built with 20 different question types in 4 distinct modules, which are:
    ◾ Writing
    ◾ Reading
    ◾ Speaking
    ◾ Listening
  2. A few questions will be among these top 20, which carry 20-30% marks. It will be pertinent to weigh up your time while aiming these questions. However, some of the top PTE questions types are:
    ◾ Read Aloud
    ◾ Summarizing spoken text
    ◾ Repeat sentence
    ◾ Write from Dictation
    ◾ Reading and writing (questions that require filling in the blanks)
  3. The question paper of the PTE exam includes various questions that contribute a maximum of 10 marks or less in the overall score of the PTE. When you follow the tips and strategies to ace the PTE exam, you will know it’s not worth spending colossal time on such questions. The lesser-scoring questions are:
    ◾ Highlight correct summary
    ◾ MCQs
    ◾ Re-order paragraphs
    ◾ Find out missing words
    ◾ Answer short questions

Top 4 Scoring types for a maximum score in the PTE Academic Test

  1. Repeat Sentence
    The speaking section contains the most scoring question type and repeats the sentence, which is more straightforward. A few question types might be lengthier than others. But as long as you concentrate on fathoming the true definition and pen down a word or two to remember, you must be capable of handling all questions in the PTE Repeat Sentence section. Have you been striving with such types of questions that require more practice? Also, you might be struggling with getting used to listening to English audio. It contributes to both speaking and listening, where there will be:
    ◾ No. of Questions: 10-12 Questions
    ◾ Time: 10-12 seconds per answer
    ◾ Length: 8-21 Words
    ◾ Time Spent per Question: 30-45 Sec
    ◾ Marks: 13 each

  2. Write from dictation
    This is pretty identical to the PTE Repeat Sentence question types. Besides, the sentences in this particular section are even shorter—all you have to do is listen to it very carefully and pen it down. Also, try to be attentive while perceiving the meaning and write down some of the most wanted words to remember. After that, without contemplating too much, you can recreate the sentences. This particular task contributed to writing and listening, where there will be:
    ◾ Total number of questions: 3-4
    ◾ Question’s length: 3-5 seconds
    ◾ Marks: You will acquire one mark for the correct answer and 0 for skipped or incorrect ones

  3. Write Essay
    You could be amazed to see the question type, such as PTE Write Essay, on this! First, this is one of the only two writing questions to make it highly important. If you’re not capable of writing excellent essays, it might either be you’re not following an adequate method, or you’re not developing your ideas, or crafting them in a poor structure. With necessary prior practice, anyone can ace in writing good essays.

  4. Read aloud and fill in the blanks in the reading section
    Reading aloud is the highest-scoring question in this speaking module, where you will get an average of three questions to answer. In this section, you can score a maximum of 45-50 by listening to the audio and writing it down as precisely as possible. The top three enabling skills you score are oral fluency-5, content-5, and pronunciation-5. The PTE test has 3 types of questions in this fill-in-the-blank section. However, the reading module can give you 45 marks from an average of 6 queries.


All the relevant PTE tricks can only showcase the most extensive path to reaching your ultimate goal. However, practice, learning, and perseverance can only attain an elevated score. Hence, you shouldn’t stop practicing and take a PTE full-length mock test until you acquire the coveted score on the final exam day.

You can start your practice for PTE after enrolling in any practice test for full-fledged preparation. This is how you can grab a top-notch PTE score!

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