Canada PR exams- IELTS, CELPIP, PTE Core

PTE Core, IELTS & CELPIP – Know All About IRCC Approved Exams For Canada PR

Are you daydreaming about shifting to Canada and even planning a complete itinerary? But have you decided how you will fulfill those wishes? Well, the first thing you need to do is take the PTE Core, IELTS, or CELPIP exam. Regarding migrating to Canada, these three language proficiency tests are a must, as they are approved by IRCC.

In Canada, communicating well is like a key that opens doors to new opportunities. For newcomers, having a good grasp of English is key to feeling truly settled. Being proficient allows you to navigate everyday situations confidently and express yourself clearly. That is why clearing the language proficiency exam is necessary.

So, here is a complete guide about PTE Core, IELTS & CELPIP exams that you need to score well for shifting there.

IRCC-Approved Exams For Canadian PR & Migration

PTE Core:

Developed by Pearson, the PTE Core tests your English skills in four areas: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. It’s like a progress report that shows Canadian immigration how well you can communicate. Pearson Canada Inc. runs the PTE Core test, making sure it’s fair and consistent for everyone.


The IELTS test is a widely accepted way to demonstrate your English skills for immigration, education, and work worldwide. It comes in two versions: General Training and Academic. For immigration, you’ll take the General Training test. 

While IELTS gives you a score for each skill (reading, writing, listening, speaking), Canadian immigration only cares about your score in each area, not the overall average.


The CELPIP test is your Canadian English passport. It’s designed to assess your understanding of the unique blend of British and American English used in Canada. There are two versions: the General Test (required for immigration) and the General LS Test. Originally, you could only take the CELPIP in Canada, but that’s no longer the case! As this exam has gone global, you can find test centers worldwide.

Exam Format Of PTE Core, IELTS & CELPIP

PTE Core :

Duration: 2 Hours

Mode Of Exam: Computer-Delivered

Divided into 4 sections: Speaking, Writing, Reading & Listening

Question types according to sections

  • Speaking & Writing: Read Aloud, Repeat Sentence, Describe Image, Respond to a Situation, Answer Short Question, Summaries Written Text, Write an Email
  • Reading: Reading & writing blanks, Multiple Choice Multiple Answer, Reorder Paragraphs, Fill In The Blanks, Multiple Choice Single Answer
  • Listening: Summaries Spoken Text, Multiple-Choice (Choose Multiple Option), Fill In The Blanks, Multiple Choice (Choose Single Answer), Select Missing World, Highlight Incorrect Words, Write From Dictation

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IELTS General

Time Duration: 2 Hours 40 Minutes

Mode Of Exam: Computer Delivered & Paper Based (In the IELTS speaking section test is taken separately) 

Divided into 4 sections: Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking.

Listening: Multiple Choice, Matching, Labeling a map, plan, or diagram, Form completion, Table completion, Flow chart completion, Note completion, Summary completion, Sentence completion, Short Answers

Reading: Multiple Choice, Identifying information [True/False/Not Given], Identifying writer’s claims/views, Matching information, headings, features, sentence endings, Complete sentence, summary, note, table, flow chart, diagram label


  • Part 1- Letter
  • Part 2- Essay


  • Part 1- Introduction. (General questions on familiar topics like family, friends, home, hobbies, or work.)
  • Part 2- Cue Card (You need to speak about the topic given on the cue card. After that, the examiner will ask questions on the same topic.)
  • Part 3-Discussion (The examiner discusses the topic given in Part 2 in detail with you), Short Answers

CELPIP-General Test

Time Duration: 3 Hours

Mode Of Exam– Computer Delivered

Divided into 4 sections, Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking

Question Types According To Sections

  • Listening: Listening to Problem-Solving, Listening to a Daily Life Conversation, Listening for Information, Listening to a News Item, Listening to a Discussion, Listening to Viewpoints
  • Reading: Reading Correspondence, Reading to Apply a Diagram, Reading for Information, Reading for Viewpoints
  • Writing: Writing an Email, Responding to Survey Questions
  • Speaking: Giving Advice, Talking about a Personal Experience, Describing a Scene, Making Predictions, Comparing and Persuading, Dealing with a Difficult Situation, Expressing Opinions, Describing an Unusual Situation 

Scoring Requirements:

PTE Core:

Below is the CLB score table, which you can consider when deciding your targets.

PTE Core Scoring

CELPIP General:


Test Level Descriptor CELPIP Level CLB Level
Advanced proficiency in workplace and community contexts 12 12
Advanced proficiency in workplace and community contexts 11 11
Highly effective proficiency in workplace and community contexts 10 10
Effective proficiency in workplace and community contexts 9 9
Good proficiency in workplace and community contexts 8 8
Adequate proficiency in workplace and community contexts 7 7
Developing proficiency in workplace and community contexts 6 6
Acquiring proficiency in workplace and community contexts 5 5
Adequate proficiency in daily life activities 4 4
Some proficiency in limited contexts 3 3
Limited ability in contexts related to immediate needs 2 1,2
Insufficient information to assess 1 /
Insufficient information to assess 0 /
Limited ability in contexts related to immediate needs NA /

IELTS General:

The minimum language proficiency for IDP IELTS  is CLB 7, which is a minimum of 6.0 band for each section. The language proficiency requirements vary depending on the program you choose. To assess your skills, there’s a four-part test that covers listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Your performance in each subcategory is scored based on the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) Level. So, the better you do, the higher your CLB score will be.

How To Book The Exam

PTE Core

  • Visit the Pearson PTE website (the only official site).
  • Create a ‘myPTE’ account (if it’s your first Time).
  • Choose your test center: Consider location, accessibility, familiarity, and test availability.
  • Schedule your test: Pick a date that works for you and allows enough prep time.
  • Complete booking & payment: Review terms, answer a few questions, and pay online.
  • Receive confirmation email: Double-check details and focus on exam prep!

IELTS General

  • Official Website: Head to the official IELTS website. This is the only authorized booking platform.
  • Register or Login: If you’re a first-timer, create an account. Existing users can log in.
  • Test Selection: Choose “IELTS General Training” as this caters to work and immigration needs.
  • Test Center & Date: Choose a location that is convenient for you and a date that aligns with your preparation timeline. Check available slots.
  • Booking & Payment: Review terms, complete a short application and pay the test fee online.
  • Confirmation: You’ll receive an email confirming your booking details. Now, focus on exam prep!

CELPIP General Test

  • Start At The CELPIP Website: Head to [CELPIP Test] (the official site).
  • Find Your Test: Click “Register Now” and browse available test dates by location.
  • Create Your Account (if needed): If it’s your first time, set up an account with your email and password.
  • Choose Your Test: Select “CELPIP-General” and pick your preferred location and date.
  • Register Online: Fill out the form with your personal details (name, date of birth, address).
  • Pay The Fee: Choose your preferred payment method (credit card, accepted payment method, or PayPal) and complete the transaction.
  • Confirm & Relax: Double-check your registration details and submit. You’ll receive a confirmation email with exam day instructions.

Exam Preparation Tips For 2024

PTE Core

  • Speak with Confidence: Practice speaking naturally and clearly. Focus on proper pronunciation and fluency.
  • Write Smart, Not Long: Strive for concise writing with proper grammar. Use appropriate vocabulary and sentence structures to convey your ideas effectively.
  • Active Reading Is Key: Don’t just passively read. Underline key information and actively engage with the text. Reread for comprehension if needed.
  • Listen Carefully: Pay close attention to details and the speaker’s intended meaning. Take notes if allowed to jog your memory later.
  • Manage Time: practice allocating specific times for each section and question type during practice tests. This will help you develop a time management strategy for the actual exam.
  • Enhance English: Actively practice speaking, writing, reading, and listening in English.
  • Understand The Format: Familiarize yourself with all the question types you’ll encounter. This way, you won’t waste precious time figuring out what to do on test day.
  • Stay Calm, Breathe Deep: Remember, everyone feels some test anxiety. Take deep breaths and maintain a positive attitude. This will help you stay focused and perform at your best

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IELTS General:

  • Start With Practice Test: Start giving mock tests. Through these tests, you’ll gain valuable insights into your strengths – areas where you’re already performing well – and identify weaknesses that require additional focus during your studies.
  • Get Familiar With Format: The first step to success is familiarizing yourself thoroughly with the test format. Get to know the ins and outs of each section. This includes understanding the kind of reading passages, listening exercises, writing prompts, and speaking topics you’ll encounter.
  • Keep A Check Of Time: The test has strict time limits for each section. Incorporate timed practice into your study routine. This will help you get comfortable working under pressure and develop strategies to maximize your score within time constraints.
  • Develop A Plan According To Your Weak Areas: Identify your weak spots and allocate more study time to address them. This might involve reading articles on specific topics you find challenging, practicing writing tasks that target specific grammar structures, or immersing yourself in listening exercises with various accents.
  • Upscale English Skills Prioritize developing your general English fluency, vocabulary, and grammar alongside your IELTS-specific strategies. This two-pronged approach will lead to a more sustainable and successful outcome.
  • Master Listening Skills: It is essential to develop strong listening comprehension and the ability to refocus after missing a detail. You’ll also need to be sharp and identify the type of information required for each question.
  • Focus On Improving Reading Skills Expect a variety of question formats, including short answers, matching, completion, and labeling. To develop strategies like skimming and identifying key information.
  • Work On Your Fluency: Remember, you’re not judged on your knowledge of obscure facts but on your ability to communicate effectively in English. So, if you encounter a unfamiliar topic, focus on showcasing your English language proficiency by describing what you know.

CELPIP General:

  • Get Comfortable With The Computer-Based Format: Since the CELPIP is entirely computer-based, take online mock tests to familiarize yourself with navigating the test using a mouse and keyboard.
  • Focus On Everyday English communication: When speaking and writing, showcase a wide range of vocabulary and grammatical structures. Avoid repetition and use words that sound natural in everyday conversation. The more you use English daily, the better prepared you’ll be.
  • Manage Time Effectively: Strategically manage your Time throughout the exam by paying close attention to the remaining time on each screen. This will help you avoid spending too much Time on any one question and ensure you complete all sections.
  • Proofread: If you have extra Time after finishing a section (Reading, Listening, Writing), review your answers and ensure you’ve answered all questions to the best of your ability.
  • Speak Naturally & Clearly: Speak directly into the microphone, keeping it close to your lips but not touching them. Try to maintain a moderate pace. Speaking faster when nervous is natural, so try to slow down.
  • Take Notes: You can take notes anytime during the test. This helps you outline your Speaking and Writing responses and jot down key points during the Listening test.
  • Don’t Get Stuck On Unfamiliar Words: If you encounter challenging words in a Reading or Listening passage, don’t get stuck on them. Focus on the overall meaning and the parts you comprehend. You might even be able to guess the meaning of new words based on the surrounding context.
  • Do Not Worry About Accent: CELPIP raters are trained to understand various accents. Focus on clear grammar, using a variety of accurate vocabulary, and providing comprehensive answers, not perfect pronunciation.

No matter what exam you choose, you always need a platform to practice. Gurully is there to help you. We provide you with full-length mock tests with AI scoring. You can also take advantage of real-time exam simulation and prediction files. Our expert-curated content will help you clear the exam, and you will achieve your dream target easily.


This guide has been your one-stop shop for navigating the complexities of PTE, IELTS, and CELPIP exams. We’ve provided in-depth breakdowns of the exam formats, including the types of questions you can expect in each section (reading, writing, listening, and speaking). You’ll also find clear explanations of the scoring requirements for each exam, helping you understand the benchmark you need to achieve for your Canadian immigration goals.

Additionally, we’ve walked you through the booking procedures for each test, ensuring a smooth and stress-free registration process. To solidify your exam preparation, you’ll also find valuable tips and strategies tailored to each test format. Whether you choose the computer-based PTE, the globally recognized IELTS, or the Canadian English-focused CELPIP, this guide empowers you to approach your chosen exam confidently with a strategic plan.

So, whether you choose PTE’s computer-delivered format, IELTS’s globally recognized status, or CELPIP’s focus on Canadian English, you’re well on your way to achieving your Canadian dream.

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