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Whether you are aiming at studying or working overseas or attaining permanent immigration, there are many things you need to work on. While most of us realize the importance of consistent practice and hard work, there are very few who comprehend that it is equally important to have the right mentor who not only guides you to achieve your desired score but also helps you achieve your dreams.

Gurully is one such company that prefers to call itself a group of passionate learning experts instead and works to help millions of aspirants achieve their ‘overseas’ dream. We support the aspirants in achieving their dreams by working on content relevant to the English proficiency test and updating it from time to time.

What sets us apart?

In a market where there are several companies offering assistance in English proficiency tests, Gurully has been able to set a mark for itself. Here’s what makes it different from others:

  1. Gurully aims to know all aspirants better, individually
    Gurully’s advanced tool aims at knowing the aspirants registered with us, even before its team tries to help you because we believe it is essential to understand what needs to be worked on. The learning solution by Gurully uses powerful machine learning to find the key aspects to focus on for the aspirants.
  2. We offer customized learning Solutions.
    The Gurully software offers customized learning to their aspirants, focused on individual learning methods and techniques.
  3. We use modern teaching methods.
    The team at Gurully believes in moving with the times so it does not waste time in the old-school methodologies. Our tool uses Artificial Intelligence and blends it well with human insight to get targeted results.
  4. We help the aspirants in achieving native-like proficiency
    We do not just believe in aiming for impressive scores. Gurully goes beyond that and helps the aspirants to gain native-like proficiency. This way, aspirants can take our assistance even when they have finally moved to their dream destination.

Products offered by Gurully

  • AI-Driven PTE Mock Test is a platform that helps you to get your desired PTE scores with the PTE practice test and PTE Mock test; it provides in-depth analysis and suggestions to help you improve in the required sections.
  • Gurully Classroom
    This platform is perfect for those aiming at Australian PR, Canadian PR, or any other purpose. Get PTE, CD IELTS, and CELPIP coaching online and personalized doubt-solving sessions by the experts.
  • CD IELTS Mock Test
    CD IELTS Mock Test is a popular product Gurully offers that help aspirants attain their 8-band dreams in IELTS. They can get IELTS practice tests and free mock tests online here. The content is not just information-rich but is also updated from time to time.
  • DUOLINGO Practice Test
    Gurully provides a fully automated AI-driven Duolingo practice test that helps aspirants to get a 150 score in the actual exam.
  • CELPIP Practice Test
    Gurully platform offers a CELPIP practice test to aspirants aiming to study or migrate to Canada. You will get one mock test free; you must sign up for that.

Visit our website to learn more about our advanced English proficiency exam preparation platform Gurully and prepare better for overseas education online.

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