PTE Writing Module

PTE Writing module comes in the same section as speaking (section-1). It checks the skills of a test taker to summarize certain text in one single sentence and write an essay to express his or her opinion.

PTE Writing

Pattern of Questions

This is used to assess your ability to analyze key points and integrate the information provided. You need to write summary of the passage. List down the key points first and then develop the summary of the paragraph.

  • Up To 75 Words Prompt length
  • 10 Minutes Time to answer
  • 1-2 No. of questions

Essay writing verifies your ability to write eloquent, complete, and persuasive arguments for a given topic. Use normal academic vocabulary in order to garner good marks. Write an essay of not less than 200 words in 20 minutes.

  • 200-300 Words Prompt length
  • 20 Minutes Time to answer
  • 1-2 No. of questions

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