PTE Speaking Module

PTE Speaking is the first section in the PTE exam. It tests the basic communicative skills like oral fluency and pronunciation. There are 5 different question types in speaking that analyze these skills.

PTE Speaking

Pattern of Questions

To enable you to read the text aloud with appropriate intonation and pronunciation, it examines both your reading and speaking skills. Rehearse a few times before the exam, to maintain reading speed and also speaking fluency.

  • Up To 60 Words Prompt length
  • 40 Seconds Time to answer
  • 6-7 No. of questions

In PTE repeat sentence, it justifies your proficiency to understand and remember any said sentence. You are supposed to repeat with the same accent and pronunciation. You can’t replay the audio, so listen to it carefully.

  • 3-9 Seconds Prompt length
  • 15 Seconds Time to answer
  • 10-12 No. of questions

In Describe image, you will be given 25 seconds to understand the crux of the picture, after then, with the tic in microphone who have to describe it in a meaningful way.

  • 25 Seconds Prompt length
  • 40 Seconds Time to answer
  • 3-4 No. of questions

In re-tell lecture it tests your speaking and listening skills. An audio prompt of upto 90 seconds will be given and you will have to rephrase given audio in 40 seconds.

  • Up To 90 Seconds Prompt length
  • 40 Seconds Time to answer
  • 1-2 No. of questions

In Answer short question, you will have to provide the answer to the question in one or more than one words. You are supposed to give an answer within 3 seconds clearly and loudly.

  • 3-9 Seconds Prompt length
  • 10 Seconds Time to answer
  • 5-6 No. of questions

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