IELTS General Reading Module

No extra time will be given to transfer the answer. There are 11 different question types in the IELTS reading, where you need to perform it by reading the instruction carefully.

IELTS Reading

Pattern of Questions

You will have to deal with the three types of multiple questions. One where you will have to choose a single answer from 4 options(A, B, C, D). In the second question type, you will have to choose 2 answers from the 5 Options (A, B, C, D, E). The third is to choose three correct answers from the 7 options.

For this question type, you will have to read the passage and find out whether the statement given is True, False, or it is not given in the passage. A False answer means it is the opposite of what is given in the passage. While the Not Given means, the information is not present in the passage.

This is Yes/No/Not Given type question. For this, you have to see whether the statement agrees with the writer’s view. This question type is different from the True/False as in this you have to find whether it agrees with the statement or not.

From the list for a paragraph, choose the correct answer in which the passage information is present in it. The option will be starting from A, B, C, and so on.

You have to match the headings for the given paragraph. There will be a list of heading having roman letters listed (i, ii, iii …)

Find out the detailed features of the person, place, or object from the text and choose the answers from the list.

Choose the correct answer for the half- sentence given to you. You will need to select the correct sentence from the list of options such as A, B, C, D.

Complete the sentence by filling the gap with appropriate answers. The answers will be in the same sequence as the questions are places for the IELTS reading.

Fill the gap in the flow chart, table, or the note by correct answers. The answer sequence may differ from the list or choose wisely from the list for the best possible answers.

You have to finish the labeling of the diagram. The description of the diagram will be given to fill the gap in the question. Please note, the sequence of the answer might not be in proper order. It may be placed randomly in the answer list.

Answer the question from the detail given in the passage. The details may be related to some factual data on any topic. Answer the question after reading the instruction carefully to avoid any mistakes.

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